A Guide to Exploring Montenegro

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A Guide to Exploring Montenegro Pixabay

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April 30, 2018 - Montenegro is a small country in Southeastern Europe that many call the 'Pearl of Mediterranean'. It is the home of natural beauty, amazing sunny beaches, mirror-like lakes, jewel-blue rivers and stunning mountains. Montenegro is one of the few countries in the world where a person can grab a swimsuit and take a swim in the sea and then grab hiking gear and find themselves at the top of a mountain peak in an hour’s time. This country always finds a way to leave everyone in awe. 

Depending on the means of transport, anyone can take a morning walk in the Montenegrin mountains, have lunch at one of its many ethno villages, and enjoy a beautiful sunset on a terrace along the Adriatic coast. This article reveals the many ways you could get around Montenegro.

Arriving at the country

If visitors took a plane to get to Montenegro, they should immediately find a taxi, since there are no buses that leave from the airport. Arriving at Podgorica Airport is a minimum 9 km drive to Podgorica, and from Tivat Airport tourists often go directly to Kotor or Budva. Also, it’s important to know that there are no domestic flights available within the country that connect Podgorica Airport and Tivat Airport.

Travelling by car or motorcycle

When it comes to Montenegro, travelling by car or motorcycle is highly recommended, since it gives visitors the opportunity to discover many different places within the country. Visitors should have in mind that getting to know all the best aspects of the country requires a minimum of several days. When it comes to the drive itself, all drivers are advised to respect speed limits, since the traffic police officers control all routes on a daily basis. During the winter, road conditions in the north worsen significantly, so its important to drive carefully in bad weather. The terrain affects the driving speed, so everyone should plan more time than usually expected to cross a certain distance. Montenegro charges only one road toll: the Sozina tunnel. Roadside assistance is provided by the official association called the Automobile Association of Montenegro.

Getting around by bus

Travelling by bus in Montenegro is also a good option since the buses have regular routes that reach most of the tourist attractions in the country. The busses are normally equipped with air conditioning, but they are often full. Information about prices and routes can be found at every bus station, which can also be reached by phone. The mentioned data is also present on their website, but it is rarely up to date. While travelers can get on board at every bus stop, it is recommended to get to the station, since a ticket bought at the station guarantees a reserved seat. Also, buses usually charge for luggage carried in the luggage compartment. The “no smoking” rule applies to all Montenegrin buses.

Travelling by train

The train is not an excellent option for going through Montenegro since it only covers the cities from the north of Bar to Bijelo Polje and from Podgorica to Nikšić. Useful rail stations include Podgorica, Virpazar, Kolašin and Mojkovac. The previously mentioned places are all tourist attractions, so it is technically possible to get around Montenegro by train and explore the cities by foot. The trains are mostly old, but the train tickets are usually cheap. The view from the train is also spectacular and can be seen only when choosing this mode of transportation. 


Getting around Montenegro with a bicycle is not the safest option. In fact, on the main roads, bicycle trails are almost nonexistent, and the drivers are not as considerate as they should be. Still, there are many bicycle trails around the mountain area of the country, leaving the tourist who travels by bicycle a fantastic opportunity to catch some of the most breathtaking views. Visitors who travel by bike should be prepared for the demanding trails and should travel lightly since most of the trails lead uphill. Montenegrin Bicycle Enthusiasts "Pedalaj" assists with the trails, tours, and accommodations for cyclists.

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