How Much Do You Know About the Ostrog Monastery?

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April 29, 2018 - The Ostrog Monastery, built up the large rock of Ostroška greda in Montenegro, is a monastery dedicated to St. Basil of Ostrog (Montenegrin translation: Sveti Vasilije Ostroški) who was buried here. The Monastery is located 15km from the city of Nikšić. 

The Monastery of Ostrog was established in 17th century by the Metropolitan Archbishop Sveti Vasilije, and later, it was renovated between 1923-1926. The founder died in the Monastery in 1971, and years later, he gained the title of a Saint. The renovations in the mentioned period were necessary because of a massive fire which had destroyed a significant part of the structure. The improvements gave the Monastery its current appearance and preserved two beautiful churches: the Church of the Presentation and the Church of the Holy Cross. Both churches are painted, and their frescoes leave visitors stunned.

The Church of the Presentation and the Church of the Holy Cross represent the “Upper Monastery”, while a third church called “The Church of the Holy Trinity” is regarded as the “Lower Monastery”. During the pilgrimage, pilgrims traditionally walk three kilometers uphill from the Lower Monastery to the Upper Monastery. Halfway up, the Church of St. Sanko the Martyr reveals its beautiful stone walls. All visitors have to wear long trousers and have their shoulders covered as well.  For non-pilgrims, there is a car park only two hundred meters from the Upper Monastery.

Many people link the word “miracle” to the Ostrog Monastery. In this aspect, miracles are mostly related to peace, healing and religious aspects of the Monastery. However, one of the few “miracles” is a vine growing out of the rock of Ostroška greda. Rocky mountains are a standard view for Montenegrins, but a vine growing out of sheer cliff has left even the natives surprised.

Be it native people or tourists who visit, Ostrog Monastery is the most visited monastery in Montenegro. Statistics say that up to a million people visit the Monastery every year. Some people visit the Monastery for religious reasons, some because its architecture is more than impressive, but many people say that their loved ones have been cured or helped with lessening the difficulties in their lives.

Numerous tour buses head to the Monastery from all Montenegrin cities almost every day during the tourist season. Ostrog is one of the most critical sites in Montenegro, not only for Orthodox Christians but for all people who want to experience Montenegrin culture and beauty.

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