Virpazar: A Fairy Tale Village

By , 29 Apr 2018, 11:23 AM Travel

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April 28, 2018 - Virpazar is a small fishing village, located halfway from Podgorica to the Montenegrin seaside. This location makes it inevitable, since the first impression one gets, by just glancing in its direction, is a fairy tale. Virpazar is also a connection between Crmnica and the Orahovstica River with Skadar Lake. During the spring, the high level of Skadar Lake makes Virpazar an island and connects with the rest of the land by three old stone bridges. 

Virpazar consists of the central part of Crmnica, which is an area suitable for growing vines, olives and many other types of fruits and vegetables. Virpazar is a starting point for boat-tours over the Skadar Lake, which makes it a tourist center. As in the past, Virpazar was one of the leading trading routes - and not much has changed in the present since it is highly attractive for tourists due to its uniqueness with a touch of the past. Virpazar was called 'Vir' at first, which translates to 'vortex' in English, while 'Pazar' means marketplace.

Today, Virpazar has a population of slightly over 300 people, but it still preserves its infrastructure, making it widely approachable for visitors whether they are coming by boats or cars. It has relatively easy access to both the main road and railway. However, if you are approaching Virpazar from the capital town, be careful not to miss a sharp turn and sideroad, which will lead you into the village over an old bridge. 

Houses in the area are built circular and face towards the center of the town. Also, in the very center of Virpazar, one can find a fountain that provides drinkable water, as well as the three big restaurants nearby and a tourist info center. Since Virpazar was once a widely recognized marketplace, people regularly living here still keep up to that habit, Therefore, if you visit, you will be greeted by many local people selling domestic, natural products, such as Crminsko Wine or different types of alcoholic Brandy drinks. However, Friday is known as the “marketplace day”, and this day usually gathers the most people either selling or buying products. 

During the summer, Virpazar hosts many different multicultural events and exciting happenings such as the “Days of Skadar Lake”, “Crmnica Sports Games”, literary nights, painting exhibitions, theater shows and so on. During the winter, visitors mainly enjoy the “Days of Wine and Fish” festival. 

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