Nikola Janović: Young People are Pillars of Future

By , 23 Dec 2018, 00:16 AM Sport
Nikola Janović: Young People are Pillars of Future Copyrights: B. Ćupić, Ministry of Sports of Montenegro

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22 December 2018 - The Ministry of Sport, in cooperation with youth organisations and international partners, organised a conference presenting the results achieved in the field of youth policy, as to nourish a good practice and summarize the outcome of the activities with young people at the end of the year. 

The conference was opened by Sports Minister Nikola Janović, who said that recognising the values on which modern Europe rests enabled present and the coming generations to not be burdened with the problems that our ancestors faced and that only in this way the young people can dedicate themselves to science and knowledge.

"Young people are the pillar of society and as such must have the support of institutions and organizations dealing with youth, as well as the support of the wider community. Special attention should be paid to creating an environment for young people belonging to vulnerable groups to integrate them in all areas of social activity," the Minister said. 

Minister Janović stressed that young people must be bearers of the new age that removes barriers and contributes to the unification of generations that respect each other and create a better future. He also said that the need of youth for a better tomorrow is inspirational to the entire community, precisely because of the strength of the young. Countries united in the system of values of the European Union, and those who aspire to membership, including Montenegro, are committed to creating and fostering dialogue with young people. 

"Our ambition is not hidden - we want Montenegro's youth to remain in Montenegro and contribute to its development. Therefore, in the following period, we will be very dedicated to working on improving the living and work conditions of young people to strengthen further the environment in which they need to feel concrete benefits and care of the state for their better future," concluded Minister Janović.

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