All Regulatory and Organizational Conditions for Elections are Secured

By , 15 Apr 2018, 12:32 PM Politics
All Regulatory and Organizational Conditions for Elections are Secured Source: PR center

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“Elections are being followed by 33 media companies, 17 domestic and 16 foreign,” said Šaranović

Election bodies and the Interior Ministry have secured all regulatory and organizational conditions for presidential elections to be held, with citizens able to utilize the constitutional right, said State Election Commission (DIK) President Budimir Šaranović.

Voting stations in Montenegro have been open since 7 in the morning, and will remain so until 8 in the evening.

“Today’s elections will decide the President of Montenegro. There are 532.599 voters with a right to vote, and 1,124 voting stations are open. DIK has ascertained seven bids for the presidential office,” said Šaranović at a press conference.

He also cited elections are being overseen by 2,015 monitors, 1,682 domestic and 333 foreign.

“According to feedback from district election commissions currently available, all voting stations were opened at 7h. The exception is voting station 8 in Budva where a camera is set up and being removed currently, and several stations in Rožaje where there is no electric energy,” said Šaranović.

Translated from Vijesti Online, click here for the original.

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