Legalization in Herceg Novi from 9 to 46 Euro per Square Meter

By , 11 Apr 2018, 11:14 AM Politics
Legalization in Herceg Novi from 9 to 46 Euro per Square Meter Source: CDM

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The Herceg Novi District assembly has adopted tax relief for all resolving their residential issues, setting a price for legalization of buildings between 9 and 46 euro per square meter, payable in instalments up to 20 years

“The decision on municipal furnishing of construction parcels for illegal buildings in the Herceg Novi District area enables important relief for those resolving their residential issues. This decision completely supports those resolving their residential issues, while adhering to the Spatial Planning and Building Construction Law,” the Herceg Novi District has reported.

During the fifth session of the Herceg Novi District assembly where this decision was adopted, statements were heard from members of the opposition Democratic Socialist Party (DPS). “Everyone who knows the Law and have read this decision is aware the said criticism is pure populism by members of this party. It is interesting that DPS members spoke at the assembly committee of objections to the insufficient difference in the price of legal and illegal buildings, and then members of the same party spoke at the assembly session of price reductions, which displays their frivolity and disharmony,” they added.

On the other hand, Herceg Novi District seriously committed to this decision, aware of its importance to citizens. “The draft took two months to prepare, during which we received reminders from the Sustainable Development and Tourism Ministry for it to be adopted soon. Amendments enabled tax relief for those resolving residential issues, legalizing up to 150 square meters of basic residential space, which pays attention to the social dimension of this issue,” the District explained.

The decision grants tax relief of 70% for illegal buildings used as a basic residence, with an additional reduction for one-time payment of 15%, totalling 85% of tax relief. In comparison, the same tax relief in Podgorica is 55%. The adopted decision cites the fees as 46,125 euro per square meter in the first zone, down to 9,22 euro in zone six.

“For example, a 100 square meter building in the fifth zone can be legalized for 6,4 euro monthly for the next 20 years. The same building in the second zone will be legal for 15,375 euro monthly,” the District stated. They cite there was no increase in price, with the price per zone remaining the same since 2009.

“A 2.5% increase is prescribed by the Law and we were obliged to respect it. The Montenegro government has issued an approval of our decision.” They District reminded citizens they were strongly against such a Law, organizing meetings and rallies in order to point out its damaging effects and prevent the adoption.

Translated from Café del Montenegro, for the original click here.

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