Raonić Rates EU Negotiations Blockade a Win for All but Citizens

By , 11 Apr 2018, 10:42 AM Politics
Raonić Rates EU Negotiations Blockade a Win for All but Citizens Source: Pobjeda

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The programme director of the Civic Alliance of Montenegro Boris Raonić reacted harshly to the proposal of part of Montenegro non-government organisations, which demanded Brussels to consider blocking Montenegro EU membership negotiations, rating such a move would benefit everyone, except Montenegro citizens

He commented this proposal by a portion of the Montenegro civil sector on his Twitter account, stating the stoppage of negotiations, specifically the activation of the balance clause would represent a triple win, triple victory for those who are not in favour of European integrations.

Raonić also explained he is referring to moguls, EU itself, but also certain NGOs. His post cites: “The stoppage of EU negotiations is a triple win. For moguls who don’t appreciate control and integration, EU which would gain time to secure the support of member nations and NGOs which would use balloons, quizzes and press conference to work on faster reforms. Citizens… who cares.”

NGOs Alternatives Institute, Civic Education Center, NGO Development Center and Monitoring and Research Center have recently, according to Vijesti, delivered a memorandum to EU decision makers in which they suggest the European Commission should “seriously consider” activating the balance clause, effectively stopping negotiations on EU membership of Montenegro.

These NGOs rate in their memorandum that such a move by the EU would be reasonable considering, as they cited, the lack of internal reform dynamic and the degree of resistance to changes shown by Montenegro authorities at various levels and branches.

Translated from Café del Montenegro, for the original click here.

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