MANS: Montenegro Has Become an Open Dictatorship Under Milo Đukanović

By , 25 Jun 2020, 18:42 PM News
From last night’s events in Montenegro From last night’s events in Montenegro Savo Prelević

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Supreme State Prosecutor Initiates Proceedings Only Under Political Instruction

“Katnić is now recommended urgently as a candidate for the new term of office of the party prosecutor,” states MANS.

June 25, 2020 - Reacting to recent events, the Network for Affirmation of the Non-Governmental Sector (MANS) stated that "it is clear to every citizen that the current Prime Minister and the Director of the Police Directorate, as well as the Special Prosecutor, are mere executors of the arbitrariness of one man, and that Montenegro has turned into an open dictatorship of Milo Đukanović.

The latest events in Budva represent the flagrant, brutal violence of the party police against the citizens of Montenegro. The latest footage, which shows police officers kicking and beating people who are already helpless and restrained, is appalling evidence of the brutal political abuse of captive institutions," the MANS statement reads.

Duško Marković’s statement that "what is happening now is not because the state is weak, but because it is patient and wants to meet reason with reason, and yet if we are not met with this reason, the state will find a solution in 15 minutes," they called a threat, and direct confirmation that the regime is willing to use all means to preserve its power.

"The Special Prosecutor’s Office which keeps all MANS’ criminal charges against the top regime officials in a drawer and initiates proceedings only under political instruction, has become involved in the political showdown. Selective justice is the worst kind of justice, and MANS will continue to report any violation of the law, without political calculations, because no one should be untouchable. Katnić is now recommended urgently as a candidate for the new term of office of the party prosecutor,” states MANS.

They add that “repression is always a sign that dictatorial regimes are losing power, and the more they stifle civil freedoms and trample on laws, the more certain changes are. That has happened everywhere, and it is going to happen in Montenegro as well.”



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