Djukanović's DPS Moves to Opposition Benches After 30 Years

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Djukanović's DPS Moves to Opposition Benches After 30 Years CEMI: Preliminary Elections Results
August 31, 2020 - Judging by the preliminary results of yesterday's elections, Milo Djukanovic's DPS will be moving to the opposition parliamentary benches for the first time since the introduction of the multi-party system in Montenegro, which overthrew the autocratic regime that ruled the country for almost 30 years. Yesterday, the DPS also lost power in Kotor, Tivat, and Budva, while in Andrijevica and Gusinje, they managed to achieve results based on which they will form the government there for the next four years.

Preliminary results of the State Election Commission

The State Election Commission announced the preliminary results of the parliamentary elections based on 98.55 percent of the processed sample, according to which the Democratic Party of Socialists won 35.12 percent or 141,767 votes, and the coalition For the Future of Montenegro 32.52 percent (131,333 votes).
The Coalition Peace is Our Nation won 12.55 percent (50,672), Black on White 5.57 (22,499), Social Democrats 4.09 (16,524), Bosniak Party 3.81 (15,387), SDP - Strong Montenegro 3.14 (12,674), Albanian List 1.61 (6,485) , and the Albanian Coalition Unanimously 1.16 per cent (4,675).
The Croatian Civic Initiative won 0.27 (1,101), and the Croatian Reform Party 0.13 percent, or 525 votes, and according to these results of the SEC, they did not win any seats.

CEMI: Three opposition coalitions can form a government

The three opposition coalitions in Montenegro will most likely have 41 of the 81 seats in the Montenegrin parliament and will be able to form a government, Zlatko Vujovic of the Montenegrin Monitoring Center (CEMI) said on Sunday night.
"Za Budućnost Crne Gore" ("For the future of Montenegro"), "Crno Na Bijelo" ("Black on White"), and Mir Je Naša Nacija ("Peace is our nation"), which announced cooperation after the parliamentary elections, will have at least 41 mandates.
The results show that the party "Odlučno Za Crnu Goru! DPS - Milo Đukanović" has 30 seats, and "For the Future of Montenegro" 27 seats.
"Peace is our nation" has won 10 seats, "Black on White" four seats, SD and the Bosniak Party three seats, SDP two seats, and "Albanian List - Genci Nimanbegu, Nick Djelosaj" and "Albanian Coalition" Unanimously" won one seat each.
Croats will be left without a mandate in the Montenegrin parliament, after results based on two lists, the Croatian Civic Initiative and the Croatian Reform Party.
The opposition coalition "For the Future of Montenegro" leader, Zdravko Krivokapic, declared victory for the "three opposition coalitions."
"We offer a hand of reconciliation, and we offer all national parties to approach the winner, not because we need anyone, but because we cannot build Montenegro any other way," Krivokapic said.
He called on all supporters to stay in their homes and not take to the streets to celebrate the victory.
In Montenegro's parliamentary elections, the right to vote was exercised by 409,880 citizens, or 75.9 percent of the total number of voters, which is 2 percent more than in the 2016 elections.

Djukanovic: DPS have 40 mandates with traditional coalition partners

The leader of the Democratic Party of Socialists and the President of Montenegro, Milo Djukanovic, said that together with the traditional coalition partners, the DPS has a total of 40 mandates.
He added that he would wait for the State Election Commission's final results, which will be a "law that we will unconditionally respect" for the DPS.
"During its overall existence on the political scene, the DPS has built a civil party profile, which fights for a multiethnic society and a European value system. We think that we have made a step forward in previous years, that Montenegro has become a beacon in the Western Balkans, and I hope that it will remain so and that Montenegro will remain a stable state. "

CEMI- Preliminary results of local elections

According to data from the Center for Monitoring and Research (CeMI), in Budva's local elections, based on 51.8 percent of processed polling stations, the electoral list "Marko Bato Carevic - For the Future of Budva" won 39.2 percent. "For Budva For Montenegro - DPS" Milo Đukanović "31.9 percent, and the list" Dragan Krapović - Budva is our nation" 18.7 percent.
The electoral list "URA for all citizens of Budva - Black and White" won 3.7 percent, "SDP - Strong Budva!" 3.5 percent, and "Nova Budva - Ilija Gigovic" 2.6 percent.
In the local elections in Kotor, based on 76.9 percent of results processed, Lista Za Kotor! For Montenegro! Milo Đukanović won 31.4 percent of the votes, followed by "Vladimir Jokić - Kotor is our nation-Democratic Montenegro" with 23.8 percent, and the list "For the Future of Kotor" with 22.9 percent.
4.9 percent of voters voted for the Civic Movement URA "Patriotic and Civil - Black and White." The list of SDP Dr. Ivan Ilic - "Jak Kotor" 4.4 percent, and "For Liberal Kotor - Andrija Pura Popovic - Liberal Party" were supported by 4,1 percent of Kotor's citizens.
Social Democrats - Dr. Andrija Lompar - "We decide, consistently for Kotor" won 3.9 percent, the list "Dr. Branko Baco Ivanovic - Socialists" 3.4 percent and the Croatian Civic Initiative Kotor, HGI - "With all my heart for Kotor!" 1.9 percent of the vote.
In the local elections in Tivat, based on 53 percent of votes processed, the list Narod Pobjeđuje won 41.5 percent, followed by the list Zbog Tivta, Za Tivcane - DPS Milo Djukanovic with 31.7 percent. The "Social Democrats - Ivan Brajovic - Tivat must do better" won 7.7 percent, while 6.7 percent of voters voted for "Bokeški forum - People of Boka know", HGI gained 5.3 percent of support in Tivat. "SDP - Let's Defend the City" won 4 percent of the vote and "Goran Bozovic - Honestly and responsibly for a better Tivat" 3.2 percent.
In the local elections in Andrijevica, based on 48 percent of votes processed the coalition "For Andrijevica! For Montenegro! Milo Đukanović DPS" won 51.2%, "For the future of Andrijevica - SNP - NSD" 40.7 percent, Aleksa Bečić - Miodrag Lekić - "Peace is our nation" - Democrats - Democratic Montenegro - Demos 8.7 percent.
In the local elections in Gusinje, based on 30 percent of processed polling stations, "For Gusinje! For Montenegro! DPS-Milo Đukanović" won 41.4 percent. "Social Democrats Ivan Brajović- We decide consistently for Gusinje" 23.3 percent, Democratic Alliance of Albanians 16.9 percent, Bosniak Party-Liberal Party "Right for Gusinje" Rafet Husović BS-LP 12.3 percent, "Social Democratic Party of Montenegro SDP-Dr. Elvis Omeragic-Strong Gusinje!" 4.1 percent, the "Socialist People's Party of Montenegro-Gusinje" 1.5 percent.
Source: CEMI, SEC 

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