David: Decision on Montenegro’s Independence Was the Right One

By , 02 Apr 2018, 23:44 PM Politics
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The overall image of the region is not pretty, therefore ending conflicts is not expected anytime soon, said the well-known Serbian writer Filip David in the show “Sole Truth”.

“The wars which occurred during the destruction of Yugoslavia didn’t solve any issues. Peace was reached with the expectancy of a distant or imminent day when the conflicts would happen again, and the issues would be solved with weapons”, said David.

The famous literate believes that only Montenegro, and perhaps Macedonia have realistic chances to become members of European Union soon.

“Only now do we realize just how much the independence decision was the state’s wise choice! Serbia was a weight that kept pulling Montenegro to the wrong side, and by gaining independence, Montenegro started to lead its own politics. In a certain perspective, if Serbia stops on that road and if it turns mostly to the East and finds its allies there, in that case, I can imagine only Montenegro, and perhaps Macedonia with its new politics, entering the European Union. At this moment they are closer to the European Union than Serbia which has issues with Kosovo, where I do not see a resolution”, said David.

He pointed out that there is no essential reconciliation and stable peace in the region until we all face our owns sins. 

“Entrance to Euro-Asia would be a disaster for the region, among other reasons because this Euro-Asian paradigm is based on ethical and religious relations. I am not saying that this is not part of Serbian or Montenegrin identity, but in countries as ours in which there is always a great number of people belonging to different ethnic and religious communities, this would only cause new conflicts. In general, it could create a new sort of Nazism, and we all know where those kinds of theories lead and how they end”, said David.

Text by Dnevne novine, on April 2nd, 2018, read more at CdM

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