Vujanovic Received Credential Letters from Ambassadors of Italy, Cuba, Thailand and Tunisia

By , 30 Mar 2018, 22:34 PM Politics
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The President of Montenegro, Filip Vujanovic, has received credential letters from the newly appointed ambassadors of Italy (Luca Zelioli), Cuba (Gustavo Trista del Todo), Thailand (Jankrit Scivali), and Tunisia (Seif Allah Rejeb).

As announced from the President’s cabinet, Vujanovic expressed high respect for the traditionally friendly and substantive relations between Montenegro and Italy, stating that intense political dialogue, including an exchange of visits at the highest level, significantly sustains the stability and collaboration on the broader region.

The collaboration of the two countries, he said, is encouraged by contracts signed between the two in many areas.

“He emphasized the value of economic collaboration, especially the strategic projects of underwater cable and oil and gas researchers on the Montenegrin coast”, said the announcement.

Vujanovic pointed out the full range of possibilities for further improvement of economic, cultural, educational and scientific collaboration, and is pleased with the military cooperation between the two countries – they are NATO allies. He also expressed the gratitude of Montenegro for the continuous support from Italy to their accession process in the European Union.

Ambassador Zelioli, who will carry out his duty in Montenegro on a residential basis, agreed with the evaluation of the relation between the two countries.

“He expressed satisfaction with the overall collaboration, as well as the need to further its intensification. He said that his diplomatic mission would be dedicated to strengthening the collaboration and friendship between the two countries” specified Vujanovic’s cabinet.

During the conversation with the ambassador of Cuba, Gustav Trista del Todo, who will carry out his duty in Montenegro on a non-residential basis, the president pointed out the necessity to expand the area for cooperation, while he felt pleased with traditionally good and friendly relations between the two countries.


“The continuance of signing international contracts is imperative. He also emphasized the need to strengthen economic collaboration, highlighting the importance of mutually informing each other on the possibilities through collaborating between chambers of commerce, and organizing business forums and presentations”, said the announcement.

Ambassador del Todo stated that there are possibilities to improve collaboration, especially in the economy, and said he would dedicate his diplomatic mission to this issue.

As for the ambassador of Thailand Jankrit Scrivali, who will carry out his duty in Montenegro on a non-residential basis, Vujanovic expressed that the continuity of excellent and friendly relations with Thailand is in the interest of Montenegro.


“He stated that mutual economic collaboration should be intensified. In this sense, he agreed with the suggestions of Thailand to increase collaboration in tourism, energy, industry and transport. He stated the need for more international agreements with the aim of encouraging collaboration”, added Vujanovic’s cabinet.

Ambassador Scrivali said that the two friendly countries have many possibilities to improve collaboration. Therefore, he will commit to achieving that goal.

During the visit from the ambassador of Tunisia, Seif Allah Rejeb, who will carry out his duty in Montenegro on non-residential grounds, Vujanovic evaluated the relations between the two countries as friendly.


“He emphasized the need to intensify the political dialogue with the aim of strengthening the overall collaboration. He pointed out the need for a better mutual information on the possibilities of cooperating in the economy. He expressed the readiness of Montenegro to conclude international contracts that will encourage and regulate collaboration. He emphasized the importance of collaborating in the area of culture," the announcement specified. 

Ambassador Rejeb emphasized the interests of Tunisia and said he would dedicate his diplomatic mission to intensifying cooperation between the two nations. 

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