Government Sends Pajovic to China?

By , 22 Mar 2018, 10:08 AM Politics
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The former president of “Positive Montenegro” Darko Pajovic is the most serious candidate for the ambassador of Montenegro in Beijing, China.

Pajovic, together with his party colleagues Azra Jasavic and Goran Tuponja, made it possible for DPS to attain the confidence in the Government’s politics ran by Milo Djukanovic in January 2016.

Pajovic justified his decision with the request to form a transitional government, which would consist of the opposition as well, publicly invited by Djukanovic to maintain stability towards the admission of Montenegro in NATO.

Delegates from Positive guaranteed Djukanovic to have most of the votes in his favor, despite SDP’s and the opposition’s invitation to do the contrary and take down the Government after which, on equal grounds, negotiations with DPS on forming the new government should have taken place. Negotiations on behalf of DPS was led by the vice president of the party, today’s prime minister Dusko Markovic, and the vice president of Positive, Azra Jasavic.

Five months after this happened, by the votes of DPS delegates, SD and minority parties, Pajovic was elected at the position of the new vice president of the Parliament instead of SDP leader Ranko Krivokapic.

This political move was paid by the Positive party, who was in opposition, in the next parliamentary elections in October 2016 when they lost their status in the Parliament.

Pajovic previously stated that he had submitted audio recordings to “Dan” from the sessions held in DPS where they can be heard speaking about the employment of party members and the purchase of citizens’ votes. This affair was famous in public by the name “Recording”.

The last ambassador of Montenegro in Beijing was Branko Perovic whose mandate expired in January.

Text by Vladan Zugic and Samir Kajosevic, on March 21st 2018, read more at Vijesti

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