Kosovo Parliament to Decide on Demarcation with Montenegro

By , 20 Mar 2018, 16:56 PM Politics
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The parliament of Kosovo will, in the fourth continuance of its special session, discuss the Bill on the ratification agreement for the demarcation of the boundary line with Montenegro, which is still uncertain that the votes from 80 delegates are being provided in order to accept this Law.

The ruling parties think that they have provided 80 votes with the transition of the delegate Donika Kadaj Bujupi from the Self-orientation party to the Alliance for the future of Kosovo, and with the statement by Adem Hodza from Srpska list that, if the approval of the Law depends on his vote, he will vote for its acceptance.

The president and prime minister of Kosovo, Hasim Taci and Ramush Haradinaj, met yesterday, but there were no official announcements from either of their offices after this meeting.

Secure votes in favor of the demarcation are to be received from the Democratic Alliance of Kosovo with 27 delegates, the Democratic party of Kosovo with 23 delegates, the Alliance for the future of Kosovo with 11, the Social-democratic initiative with six, the Alliance New Kosovo with two delegates, the minor parties’ delegates (except Srpska list) with 10 delegates, and the independent six delegates – for a total of 79 votes.

The Self-orientation party expects that Donika Kadaj Bujupi, despite her transition to ABK, will not vote in favor of the demarcation due to her sentence by the Primary court in Pristina for the usage of tear gas.

Neither the Self-orientation party with 19 delegates nor the New independent political group is secured. The latter formed when 12 delegates left the Self-orientation party. Also, the 10 delegates of Srpska list are not in favor.

On Monday, the press from Pristina announced a possibility that the delegate from DPK, Nait Hasani, will suggest a secret poll, which would enable the ones who would not be allowed to vote publicly in favor of demarcation to do it anyway, i.e. that the ones who would vote in favor of the law electronically would vote against the same in the secret poll.

Until the election, it is not clear what the results would be and if there would even be an election because if there are not sufficient votes in the ruling coalition, the same will be postponed for another session.

The demarcation of the boundary line with Montenegro is the last of the remaining conditions for EU visa liberalization.

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