Elections 2020: Six Coalitions and Six Parties to Participate, 541,232 Voters

By , 05 Aug 2020, 22:51 PM Politics
Elections 2020: Six Coalitions and Six Parties to Participate, 541,232 Voters Illustration, Source: ifes.irg
August 5, 2020 - Six coalitions and six political parties have submitted lists for participation in the parliamentary elections in Montenegro, announced for August 30. The deadline for submitting electoral lists expired at midnight.
The Democratic Party of Socialists will appear in a coalition with the Liberal Party, and the list entitled "Decisively for Montenegro! DPS - Milo Đukanović ", will be led by the Deputy President of the party, current PM Duško Marković.
The coalition "For the Future of Montenegro" includes the Democratic Front (DF), the Socialist People's Party (SNP), the Workers' Party (RP), Real Crna Gora, United Montenegro (UCG), and independents. The holder of the list is Professor of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Zdravko Krivokapić.
The coalition of Democrats (DCG), Demos, the Party of Pensioners with Disabilities and Restitution, the Civic Movement New Left, and the Society for the Research of Politics and Political Theory will run in the elections together, with the slogan "Peace is our nation". First on the list is the President of the Democrats, Aleksa Bečić.
The coalition gathered around the "Black and White" platform, consists of the Civic Movement (GP) URA, the CIVIS Citizens' Union, the Bokelian Forum (BF), the Justice and Reconciliation Party and independent intellectuals. The leader of GP URA, Dritan Abazović, is the holder of the list, reports Mina.
The Albanian coalition, consisting of the Democratic Forum, Forca, the Civic Movement Perspective, and the Tuzi Union, will run in the elections under "Now Is The Time". Nick Djelosaj leads the list.
The Democratic Union of Albanians, the Democratic Party (DP), and the Democratic Alliance in Montenegro are members of the Albanian coalition "Unanimously", and the holder of the list is Fatmir Đeka.
The Social Democratic Party participates independently in the elections under the slogan "Strong Montenegro", and President Draginja Vuksanović Stanković leads the list.
The list of Social Democrats, led by the President of the party Ivan Brajović, is running in the elections with the slogan "Social Democrats - Ivan Brajović - We decide CONSISTENTLY".
The Bosniak Party is participating in the elections under the slogan "Bosniak Party-Correct-Rafet Husovic", and first on the list is MP Ervin Ibrahimovic.
The Croatian Citizens' Initiative submitted the list "HGI. With all our heart for Montenegro!", Headed by the party President Adrijan Vuksanović.
The holder of the Croatian Reform Party's electoral list is the Director of Tivat Airport, Radovan Marić.
The Socialists of Montenegro submitted the list for the parliamentary elections - "Snezana Jonica - Socialists of Montenegro - Let us live as Yugoslavs", headed by the President of the party Snezana Jonica.
541,232 citizens have the right to vote in Montenegro. In comparison with the presidential elections, held on April 15, 2018, the number of voters has increased by about 8.6 thousand.
The parliamentary elections on August 30 will be the eleventh since the introduction of the multi-party system in Montenegro, and the fifth since the restoration of independence.

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