Montenegro and Georgia: Strengthening Cooperation and Resource Sharing

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Montenegro and Georgia: Strengthening Cooperation and Resource Sharing Copyrights: President of Montenegro Media

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19 October 2019 - President of Montenegro Milo Đukanović received Archil Talakvadze, the speaker of the Parliament of Georgia, who is visiting Montenegro.

President Đukanović welcomed the visit by the Speaker of the Georgian Parliament, who continued the practice of continuous political communication between the two countries, which contributes to the strengthening of relations and the achievement of common goals. In addition to congratulations on his recent election at the position of the Parliament Speaker and the election of a new government, the President said that his visit to Tbilisi at the invitation of the President of Georgia, as well as the opening of consulates in Tbilisi and Bar, headed by honorary consuls, would be an incentive.

He emphasized that Montenegro appreciates Georgia's contribution to NATO's mission, and reaffirmed Montenegro's support for an open door policy.

President Đukanović also reminded that in addition to parliamentary cooperation, the two countries have good communication in the field of defense, and especially emphasized the importance of strengthening economic ties and promoting tourism cooperation.

Speaker of the Georgian Parliament thanked the President for his exceptional hospitality and stressed that he was impressed with Montenegro's achievements and strong leadership, which are an inspiration and encouragement for his country, government, and people. He reaffirmed his country's full commitment to partnering with the Alliance.

He stressed that President Đukanović's visit to Georgia would be a confirmation of political support for the country and an opportunity to discuss with the businessmen in the delegation the ways of strengthening economic co-operation and sharing of resources, reports Office of the President of Montenegro.

President of the Parliament of Montenegro Ivan Brajović also hosted a delegation of the Parliament of Georgia, headed by president Archil Talakvadze. On this occasion, Brajović pointed out in the meeting with the delegation that the visit was an additional impulse for strengthening ties and enhancing political dialogue at high and the highest level.

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