Kotor Crisis: Jokic Urged Prosecution and Government to Dismiss Local Assembly

By , 21 Jun 2019, 18:31 PM Politics
Kotor Crisis: Jokic Urged Prosecution and Government to Dismiss Local Assembly Kotor Representatives- Jokic, Perovic and Samadzic at today's press conference, Copyright: PR Center
June 21, 2019 - Kotor President Vladimir Jokic urged the Prosecutor and the Montenegrin Government to take measures within their jurisdiction and prevent legal and political violence as it continues to be possible in the case of crimes committed in Kotor.
Jokić sent the call to the relevant state apprentices for the decision from the meeting of the DPS, SD, LP, HGI and former SDP deputy Bruna Lončarević, held on 19 June, on the continuation of the 19th session of the Kotor Municipal Assembly on Monday, 24 June, starting at 10 am. On behalf of the proposer, announced their authorized representative Željko Avramović.
President of the DPS Club in Kotor, on behalf of the Municipal Assembly, signed a call for the continuation of the session on Monday and sent it to Jokic, the president of the Kotor Assembly, Dragica Perović and assembly. The municipality representatives immediately filed a criminal charge against him at the Basic State Prosecution in Kotor, suspecting Avramovic that he had committed the criminal act of "false representation."
They are continuing the session that Perovic claims is impossible after the Administrative Court's decision to annul the decision to remove Jokić from the mayor's seat, which DPS, SD, HGI, LP and two SDP members issued on 24 24 April, DPS, and allies supported by former SDP party Bruno Lončarević intend to resign the mayor of Kotor again. From the current local government led by the Democrats, this move and the formation of a new assembly majority in which DPS and the allies, deciding the 17th vote in the 33-member parliament with former SDP deputy, Bruna Lončarević, are termed political corruption and violation of the will of voters from the last local elections in October 2016.
At the press conference with the president of the Assembly of Kotor Dragica Perovic and the Deputy Mayor Milivoj Samardzic, Jokic invited the government to "hold an emergency session and dispose of the Assembly of  Kotor following the Act and its own Decision on the Kotor Municipality. Because of the consequences of political corruption for some time now, it does not perform its functions".
"Any other act or omission will be in the bosom and represent the legitimacy of political corruption and the illegal mutilation of the constitutional legal order as a method of taking over and forming power rather than a free will. Once again, I call on the government to dissolve the assembly and restore mandates to citizens as the sole holders of sovereignty to decide for themselves on the political future of the city," said Jokić.
DPS, SD, HGI, LP and Bruna Lončarević announced that after they re-vote on Jokic's replacement, the chief of local DPS, Željko Aprcovic, will be elected, and they will announce the resignation of parliamentary chairman Dragica Perovic.

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