Kotor Mayor Released Illegally, Administrative Court Decided

By , 11 Jun 2019, 22:07 PM Politics
Kotor Mayor Released Illegally,  Administrative Court Decided Mayor of Kotor, Vladimir Jokic, Copyright: Municipality of Kotor
June 11, 2019 - The Council of the Montenegrin Administrative Court annulled this morning the decision to replace the president of the Kotor Municipality, Vladimir Jokic, which he welcomes as a reflection of their readiness to resist political pressures and make the decision before 14 June, thus solving the almost two-month political crisis in that city.
"After political corruption, using legal violence, SDP and opposition DPS, SD, HGI, and LP, tried to take over the power of the citizens, we filed a lawsuit. I am satisfied that the Administrative Court has confirmed all that we have stated in the lawsuit," Jokić said.or
Mayor and Assembly President Dragica Perović had claimed in the previous 45 days that the procedure for his dismissal was utterly unlawful. For his release there was no reason foreseen in Article 62 of the Act on local self-government, and that all activities of the president of the Municipal Assembly, Dragica Perović, were in accordance with the Constitution, Law, Municipal Statute and the Rules of Procedure of the local parliament.
"President of Assembly of Kotor canceled the session scheduled for 14 June, following the Administrative Court judgment, following the Law on Administrative Dispute and the Law on Local Self-Government, having in mind the Rules of Procedure of the local parliament. The SDP, DPS, HGI, SD, and LP members have convened the initiative of that session with only one item of the daily schedule of the election of the president of the Municipality of Kotor. As at this point, after the verdict of the Administrative Court, it is clear that Kotor has a municipal president, it is not possible to choose a new one, so this session is in itself improper," Jokić explained.
By decision of the Administrative Court, the blockade of the work of the Municipality of Kotor and the local public services ended after 45 days. 
"Payments for employees in the Municipality are already paid today. In the forthcoming period, we will try to put together all this chaos, created in the past 45 days by a group of SDP, DPS, HGI, SD, and LP members, to return to normal flows, so that the city could normally function during the summer tourist season," said the president of the Kotor Municipality, Vladimir Jokić.
Jokic expects SDP, DPS, HGI, SD and LP to retake to citizens of Kotor, the city of Kotor and local government employees due to the situation in which they took the town with the treatment for which today, by a ruling of the Administrative Court, once again confirmed that it was in everything against the law.
"The leaders of these parties have once again shown that their party and personal interest is above all, especially above the interests of Kotor and its citizens," said Kotor Mayor Vladimir Jokić.

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