Jokic, Perovic, and Gosovic Call for Administrative Court to Decide before 14 June

By , 08 Jun 2019, 10:04 AM Politics
Jokic, Perovic, and Gosovic Call for Administrative Court to Decide before 14 June Jokic, Perovic, and Gosovic in front of the Administrative Court, photo by Zoran Đurić
Vladimir Jokic, until recently the chairman of the Municipality of Kotor, requested that the Administrative Court makes a decision on the lawsuit on his dismissal before 14 June when a session of the Kotor Municipal Assembly was scheduled, on which the new majority foresees that the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) Željko Aprcović will choose the new Mayor. In addition to Jokić, the Democratic Party of Montenegro (Neven Gošović) and the President of the SO Kotor Dragica Perovic, who was in the position of the defendant yesterday, was also asked by the Administrative Court at the main hearing, although her party, Democratic Serbs Party, is a coalition partner with Jokic's Democrats.
They demanded that it should be prevented that Aprcovic is elected for the new Mayor, and then the court decides in favor of Jokić. Therefore, Kotor would have two presidents.
The Judicial Council of the Administrative Court did not plead Jokic, Gošović and Perovic's request, but the judges stated that they had a legal deadline for deciding on Jokic's lawsuit following the law.
Dragica Perovic, as the defendant, admitted all allegations of Jokic's lawsuit and appealed to the court to make the decision as soon as possible, because, she personally suffers pressure, gains chauvinistic threats and insults in commentaries on internet media portals.
Jokic stated that there was a threat to the public interest in Kotor, that there was no allegation that he was dismissed and that the Administrative Inspectorate found that there was no controversial employment in the Municipality of Kotor.
In addition to other allegations in the lawsuit, Gošović added that the dismissal of Vladimir Jokic was unlawful because the deputies of the municipal councilors were voted in public, although the Rules of Procedure of the Kotor Municipal Assembly stipulated that they had to do so by secret ballot.
We remind that Jokic's dismissal is the decision of the opposition DPS, SD and HGI members, with the voices of two members of the former coalition partner of the ruling majority in Kotor-SDP at the Assembly Session of 24 April, which Perović previously released. Such assembly did not decide on appointing the acting president. It has blocked the work of local government and public companies, whose founder is the Municipality of Kotor.

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