Montenegro and Kosovo: Economic Cooperation and Infrastructure Development

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Montenegro and Kosovo: Economic Cooperation and Infrastructure Development Copyrights: Government of Montenegro, Flickr

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31 May 2019 - Prime Minister Duško Marković said in Pristina after the meeting with Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo Ramush Haradinaj that relations between Montenegro and Kosovo are friendly, that the two countries remain consistent in achieving good-neighbourly, European and Euro-Atlantic goals, and when it comes to economic cooperation, they remain consistent especially in developing the infrastructure.

"It is always my pleasure to come to Pristina to meet with Prime Minister Haradinaj and to discuss all the issues concerning the bilateral relations of the two countries. Today, I was particularly pleased to attend the opening of the Development Centre of Montenegrins in Pristina. This is proof that the two countries have a lasting and essential friendship, that they are committed to the basic values that our countries cherish and the values of the European Union, that multiculturalism and multiethnic harmony, respect for the values of our communities are the greatest support to the sustainability of our countries and our lasting friendship," Prime Minister Duško Marković stressed.

The Prime Minister of Montenegro thanked the Government of Kosovo and its Prime Minister for engaging in the recognition and visibility of the Montenegrin community in Kosovo. "Prime Minister Haradinaj convinced me at this meeting that the Montenegrin community will be institutionally recognisable in the future," PM Marković said.

The meeting discussed bilateral relations, economic cooperation and infrastructure projects.

Montenegro and Kosovo Economic Cooperation and Infrastructure Development1

"Infrastructure development is a key assumption and basis for our accelerated development. I congratulate the Prime Minister and his Government on the results they have achieved in developing the road infrastructure. Montenegro is doing it also and I believe that in the years to come, we will reach your result and your efforts, and this is the best contribution to the connectivity agenda we committed to in Trieste when we signed the Action Plan," Prime Minister Duško Marković noted.

The prime ministers of Montenegro and Kosovo agreed that the opening of the motorway from Pristina to the border of Kosovo and Macedonia is not valuable for these two countries only, but for the entire region.

"This will speed up and connect Macedonia and Kosovo with Montenegro, it will strengthen and improve the movement of citizens and tourists, and at the same time give a new opportunity for our companies and our economy," PM Marković emphasised.

The Prime Minister of Montenegro said that the meeting also discussed the improvement of infrastructure in the border area, on the routes of Peć - Rožaje and Plav - Dečane, adding that the population from both sides of the border demanded it.

"Kosovo and Montenegro are very dynamically developing their relations and their partnership. We are very well aware of the achievement of the key goals of the two countries, and they are European and Euro-Atlantic. Montenegro is at the disposal of our friends from Kosovo to share all the experiences and support we had in the Euro-Atlantic process regarding NATO membership and, of course, our experience in negotiating process with the European Union," Prime Minister Duško Marković said.

Prime Minister of Kosovo Ramush Haradinaj repeated the words of Prime Minister Marković, saying that Montenegro and Kosovo remain friends, consistent in achieving their strategic interests, which are not only good-neighbourly, but European and Euro-Atlantic.

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