Odupri Se After Meeting Aivo Orav: We Expect Invitation to Brussels

By , 10 Apr 2019, 22:19 PM Politics
Odupri Se After Meeting Aivo Orav: We Expect Invitation to Brussels Civic Movement Odupri Se representatives in from of EU Delegation to Montenegro building in Podgorica, Photo: Screenshot/TV Vijesti

April 10, 2019 - The delegation of the Citizens' Movement Odupri Se 97,000 expect to get a call to visit Brussels and talk to European officials, said one of the members of the organizing committee of the civil movement, Dzemal Perovic, after meeting with the head of the European Union (EU) delegation in Montenegro, Aivo Orav.

For two hours, representatives of the protest movement Odupri Se explained to Aivo Orav the details of the Agreement On the Future, which, together with Odupri Se representatives, was signed by all 39 opposition delegates in the Assembly of Montenegro ten days ago, and what their goals and intentions are.
"We have given strong evidence that it is not possible to organise fair and free elections by this government," said Dzemal Perovic, one of the leaders of the Movement "Resist 97,000".
The Head of EU Delegation in Montenegro, in particular, says Perovic was interested in the situation surrounding the unification of the opposition and its cooperation with the Movement.
"We are promised that at many addresses in Brussels, of at least twenty people and up to the highest level, will come a report from this meeting. I come out of this meeting with the conviction that we will soon receive a call for a visit to Brussels," Perovic said.
This Saturday a mass protest is not planned in Podgorica, but Odupri Se will almost daily organise actions similar to yesterday's performance in the centre of the city, where dozens of cars with sirens and megaphones circulated the buildings of the Government, Presidency, Prosecutor's Office and other institutions in the centre of Podgorica. The action started just before seven o'clock, while civil servants came to work and lasted about half an hour. You could hear the shouts of "Resist," "Leave," "Street of Freedom," "We're a State ..." and the sound of police sirens.
Two activists of the "Odupri Se-97,000" movement were injured today during the blockade of the Montenegrin Electrodesributory System (CEDIS) and the Montenegrin Electric Company (EPCG) in Podgorica. They were transferred to the Clinical Center of Montenegro after the incident.
"A group of people, including CEDIS employees, went out and physically fired on the actors who were chained together and held each other's hands through the pipes," the organisers of the action told newspapers. Citizens and activists today joined the chains and did not allow anyone to enter or exit the buildings of CEDIS and EPCG. Demir Hodzic from the organising committee of the Odupri Se Movement called on citizens to join them as much as possible in the blockade. He also urged the deputies who signed the Agreement to join them.
"There are no cosmetics and no negotiations, only resignations," Hodzic said. "With this act, the actions of civil disobedience that have been announced earlier are continuing," Hodzic said.
"To make the changes, it is essential for the opposition to be more active in the field, together with us. We want to inform the citizens that, according to their demands, we have started to radicalise these protests, we have daily actions," said Demir Hodzic of the Movement 97000".
Democrats, Demos and Montenegrin protesters will continue their protest on Saturday on Žabljak to draw attention to the attempt of usurpation of the Black Lake.
"Functionaries of the Democratic Party of Socialists are now on the brink of Žabljak, and they have tendered drafted documents, concluded a contract with a person who could not be on the tender. The protest at Žabljak was a protest against the "Koverta" affair, which moved from Zeta to Žabljak," said Momo Koprivica, vice-president of Democratic Party of Montenegro.
In the Democratic Party Republic of Montenegro, they say they have not tied up for the protest "Odupri Se", but their gatherings, as mentioned earlier, contribute to the masses of citizens' protests.
At a meeting held by opposition leaders and civic movement "Odupri Se" on Monday in a restaurant in the suburbs of Podgorica, there was also talk of who would make a three-member delegation to Brussels.
Given that Democratic Front Leaders Andrija Mandić and Milan Knežević have been banned from leaving the country because of the prosecution they are facing, Nebojsa Medojevic is a potential representative of that alliance.
When it comes to the Democrats, this party will probably delegate its president, Aleksandar Bečić, as Pobjeda writes, and one of the Odupri See initiators, Džemal Perovic.
The Agreement on the Future, agreed by the representatives of all opposition parties and the movement Odupri Se, was signed on March 30, during the protest in Podgorica, of all 39 opposition deputies in the Montenegrin Assembly and the civic movement's representatives.
At two meetings of the opposition leaders and representatives of the protest organiser, it was agreed that all the decisions were made by consensus, so it can be concluded that yesterday's announcement by Džemal Perovic about the delay of civil protests was the result of a joint agreement on Saturday.

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