Protest Organisers and 39 Deputies Signed Agreement on the Future

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Protest Organisers and 39 Deputies Signed Agreement on the Future Seventh Protest Odupri Se, Copyright:

March 30, 2019 - The seventh in a series of peaceful civic protests under the slogan Odupri Se - 97000, where a significant step towards achieving the goals expressed in the Prohibition of Free Citizens, was held in Podgorica, at the Independence Square, where the opposition delegates and protest organizers signed the Agreement on the Future.

Before signing, the Agreement was read by the actor Slaviša Grubiša:
"We are committed to a common, consistent and enduring struggle for rooted change in the system, while respecting the principles of authority, as the first precondition for the achievement of all liberal-democratic norms. In light of the current political, social and economic situation, the underlying subject of the Agreement is the minimum conditions for maintaining the first fair and free elections in the history of the Montenegrin multiparty. Signatories express their agreement on the following issues:
1. We will jointly strive for the formation of the Government of Civil Unity, which will operate in a limited mandate and whose basic task will be to provide conditions for the maintenance of fair and free elections.
2. The government of civil unity should have the following characteristics:
a. Choice of ministers on a parity basis: one-third of the representatives of the ruling majority, parliamentary opposition, and non-party personalities.
b. In the function of the President of the Government of Civil Unity, he can not be a member of the parties that are now in power.
3. The signatories will not participate in any one election, local, state or presidential, scheduled before the fulfillment of the basic task of the Government of Civil Unity.
4. The Government of Civil Unity will continue and, if possible, speed up the course of the negotiation process related to European integration.
5. The signatories to the Agreement shall agree on all forms of joint non-institutional action. "
The agreement also lists resignations, which we could already hear in protests under the slogan Odupri Se - 97,000, including President of Montenegro Milo Djukanovic, Prime Minister Duško Marković, Supreme State Prosecutor Ivica Stankovic, Chief Prosecutor Milivoja Katnić, Director Agencies for the Prevention of Corruption of Sreten Radonjić and the leadership of Radio Television of Montenegro.
After reading the Agreement, Grubiša urged deputies on the line to sign the Agreement on the Future and to "ensure that they will consistently strive for the fulfillment of all citizens' goals."
The Agreement was signed by the deputies Dritan Abazović, Budimir Aleksić, Aleksa Bečić, Boris Bogdanović, Branka Bošnjak, Strahinja Bulajić, Vera Bulatović, Predrag Bulatović, Anka Vukićević, Draginja Vuksanović, Janko Vučinić, Jovan Jole Vučurović, Aleksandar Damjanović, Goran Danilović, Milutin Goran Radonjić, Mladen Pejović, Zdenka Popović, Goran Radonjić, Goran Radonjić, Zdenka Popović, Marko Koprivica, Marko Koprivica, Ranko Krivokapić, Miodrag Lekić, Andrija Mandić, Nebojša Medojević, Valentina Minić, Danijela Pavićević, Ljiljana Đurašković, Milun Zogović, Branko Radulovic, Slaven Radunovic, Neđeljko Rudovic and Danilo Šaranovic.
Veljko Vasiljević, Koča Pavlović, and Džavid Šabović "for justified reasons" did not go out on the stage tonight, but Grubiša informed citizens that their signatures already had. Srđan Milic did not appear on the scene, but on his behalf, the Agreement signed an authorized person.
After the delegation, the agreement signed the organizers of the protest Džemal Perović, Dejan Pejović, Omer Šarkić, Demir Hodžić, and Ratka Jovanović-Vukotić. Grubiša concluded the signing by telling the gathered citizens that all of them were signatories of the Agreement.
Before joining the Association, the professor of Economic Chamber of Economy in Bar Neđeljko Necko Ðurović addressed a group, wishing "a good night for the longest car in the Balkans."
"We are asking nothing more than free elections and the right to decide on our destiny. We have the chance to be the first generation of this karst, which will, through the democratic path, without new and tragic divisions, bring about changes."
Djurovic stressed that citizens should not miss this chance. "We have an exam that we have to pass. We want responsible power and a stable political community," he concluded.
He reminded the ruling party at their beginnings and said they now need to hear "what they have been asking thirty years - it's enough just to leave. 
One of the organizers of the protest and signatory of the Agreement Demir Hodzic also addressed to the assembled. Hodzic said that with citizens "besides rage, he feels hope and faith."
"When I'm going to a store, a taxi, a state institution, and I often hear the words of support. During the hearing at the Podgorica Security Center, because I discovered the one who was illegally following the students and us, I also met police officers in understanding and supporting our struggle. And I know it will soon be up to us because this power falls. "
Hodzic also stressed the importance of maintaining local authorities in those municipalities where the opposition was in power.
"We are asking not to enter into coalitions or any other DPS arrangements at the local level that could jeopardize the process we all started with."
The protest march moved to the Freedom Street, next to the building of the Prosecutor's Office, then Bulevar of St. Petar Cetinjski near the Central Bank, the Assembly, and the Presidency building. Also, loud sounds were heard, and demonstrators screamed: "We are a state!" And "Leave!". The demonstrators continued walking through the bridge of Blažo Jovanović, Bulevar Jovan Tomašević, towards the Millenium Bridge,- then Bulevar Ivan Crnojević and the Freedom Street back to the Independence Square.
Next protest gathering within the movement Odupri Se will be held in Podgorica next Saturday, 6 April at 6 pm.

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