"Odupri Se" Protest Continues Today for Fifth Gathering

By , 16 Mar 2019, 11:07 AM Politics
"Odupri Se" Protest Continues Today for Fifth Gathering Protest Walk Schema, Odupri Se FB page

March 16, 2019 - The Fifth Protest of the Citizens' Movement "Odupri Se - 97,000" will be held today, 16 March from 6 pm at the Independence Square in Podgorica. Organisers invite citizens to join them in high number, because, as they say, it is the only way to meet the demands of citizens for the release of captured institutions and root the change of the system that for decades does not serve them, but the survival of the octopus in power.

"Resistance is expanding, and more and more free citizens find it to be the last moment for historical changes throughout the society. We all share the responsibility to reach them in a peaceful and civilised manner. That is why we appeal to citizens to take care of those who are standing or walking beside them to preserve their dignity and protect their right to rebellion, regardless of the individual causes of dissatisfaction being different. Please pay special attention to the elderly, then to the disabled, pregnant women and parents with children," the organisers said, adding that this protest, as well as all before it, must go through a peaceful, dignified and nonviolent manner because radicalising the rally brings only radical consequences.
After the speeches at the Independence Square, the protest march goees through the Freedom Street to the Buducnost stadium, via Boulevard Ivan Crnojevic, Stanko Dragojević Street, Boulevard of St. Petar Cetinjski and back to the Freedom Street to the Independence Square.
"As a protest walk, we will, as usual, find the institutions of the system that is not working in the interest of citizens. From the “Square of Independent Citizens,” we will tell them: Resistance will not stop," reads the initial commitment of the civic movement "Odupri Se.”
In addition to the organising support of the Student Initiative, the movement was supported by the Dramatic Studio "Prazan Prostor" (Empty Space), the Syndicate of Education, Citizens Union "Civis," and the Montenegrin Diaspora in the EU.
Drama Studio has put down the show Room, scheduled for 16th March, due to the overlap of the play time and protest in Podgorica. "This decision is a product of the desire to encourage theatre workers and audiences to, in keeping with the nature of the theatre as a space for social change, to take a proactive stance on their own," said Empty Space.
The Syndicate of Education says: "We expect all political actors in Montenegro to understand the weight and seriousness of the current social moment in which we find the necessity of accumulating problems that have captured our society. The Syndicate of Education of Montenegro seeks the education system free of political influences and faster introduction of professional standards and responsibilities at all levels.”
Bunt and the protest "Odupri Se" supported the newly formed Citizens Union "Civis" by referring to all members of the Montenegrin society who "publicly or secretly despise the zombie philosophy of success and advancement in modern Montenegro, based on " resourcefulness", arrogance, ignorance, and hypocrisy. You finally came to meet and talk about the vision, idea, freedoms, rights, work and the life of his highness - a free citizen.” Chessman Radmila Milošević signed the announcement, as well as former deputy Zoran Miljanic, cartoonist Goran Šćekić, former president of the Syndicate of Army Nenad Čobeljić, whistleblower Radomir Glendža, dramaturg and "face of the protest" Jelena Milošević, professor of physical sciences at the University of Montenegro Mara Šćepanović, president of the Syndicate of Education of Podgorica Slobodan Savović et al.
A letter of support came from the Montenegrin Diaspora in the EU: “We, Montenegrin citizens of the Diaspora, are very interested in the events in our home country. Concerned about its future, on its way today, we are ready to help all the democratic forces in the struggle for its recovery, prosperity, and prosperity.
You, who realised that the time has come for the state institutions and the freedom of citizens to defend themselves in the streets of the towns of Montenegro, you have our unprofessional support in this challenging but honourable work," the group said from Zurich. 
At the last protest, held on 2 March, the organizers announced that if all the previously issued requests for resignations of the head of state, the prime minister, the chief state prosecutor and the supreme state prosecutor, and the RTCG Public Media Service leadership were not met, they would invite the citizens for permanent protest to the fulfilment of these requirements. However, in the meantime, they abandoned the great security challenge that made such a decision. It has caused the disillusionment of a part of the public.
“Protest organisers can get stuck, but no one can be a professional and constantly fail like the Montenegrin Government. The police took to the hearing of the driver and the owner of the van that saw the sweaty face of the worried president. That van shocked the "system institutions," because it spreads the laughter of freedom among citizens. At the same time, Director of the Police Directorate Veselin Veljovic performed a police force looking to protect the streets of the citizens, and this post was properly sponsored on the Montenegrin Government's FB page of our money, so that as many citizens could see the repressive apparatus in full of fighting ready. These synchronised and coordinated actions of the Police Administration undoubtedly say that it is fundamentally implemented - the friction of the dictatorship," said Milos Krivokapic, a member of the protest organisation committee.
“For the scourge of the regime, and there were such examples in the world, citizens are the only formula. Only mass protests organised decisive resistance that will unite all victims of this system. Now it is just a matter of time when the regime will collapse under internal and external pressure,  said in an interview for Vijesti one of the initiators of Odupri Se movement, Dzemal Perovic.

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