President of Montenegro: 2018 is Year of Good Deeds

By , 02 Jan 2019, 00:57 AM Politics
President of Montenegro: 2018 is Year of Good Deeds Copyrights: President of Montenegro Photo

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01 January 2019 - The President of Montenegro, Milo Đukanović, wishes citizens of Montenegro a happy New Year, with good health, personal and family happiness and prosperity in all areas. As he emphasized, 2018 will be remembered for good deeds, and the expectation is that 2019 will be even better.

“After we successfully resolved all important strategic issues in the 2006 referendum and over the 12-year period of our independence, fostered our security and political stability, improved the inter-ethnic and inter-religious relations, we have established grounds for boosting the economic and democratic development aimed at reaching a new, high-quality standard of living for all our citizens,” noted President Đukanović.

The 2018 election results undoubtedly confirmed support to the state policy we have been implementing at the national, and the international level said President of Montenegro.

President Đukanović wishes all Montenegrins a happy and prosperous New Year.

“Happy New Year especially to our representatives in the military and civilian missions worldwide, our diligent and loyal diaspora, to all our people wherever they are. I would also like to wish a happy New Year to all foreigners living and working in Montenegro and all our guests who decided to spend the New Year’s Eve in our country. Happy New Year to all of you! E viva Montenegro,” said President of Montenegro.

President of Montenegro recently came back from his official visit to Argentina, where he opened the Montenegrin house.

Đukanović was honoured to represent Montenegro in Argentina and witness the implementation of the project “Montenegrin House“ with the support of the representatives of Sáenz Peña, the whole province of Chaco, and with the assistance of Montenegrin emigrants. “This is the first project of its kind in this part of the world, which symbolizes Montenegro's eternity and the Montenegrins rooted in the foundations of the Argentinean society, as well as the sustainability of the Montenegrin-Argentine friendship. It is also a symbol of the progress of our country, as well as the success of its sons who for centuries went to distant lands,” the President explained in his speech.

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