Popović Moškov: Kotor's Legislative Power is Not Functioning

By , 18 Oct 2018, 13:22 PM Politics
Popović Moškov: Kotor's Legislative Power is Not Functioning Pixabay

October 18, 2018 - "Unlike the executive, the Legislative power in Kotor has not worked for a long time and it should be openly said," exclaimed the vice-president of the Kotor Municipality, Ljiljana Popovic Moškov, on Radio Kotor’s "032" show.

The reason for this is the lack of common ground in the coalition government, and how to make strategic decisions for the city.

"In a series of coalition meetings that have been held in the past, unfortunately, we have not reached an agreement on the proposal that six political coalition members, for decisions about which we do not have a united stance, are made by a two-thirds majority. Such a proposal was not supported by representatives of the Nova Srpska Demokratija (New Serbian Democracy) and SDP. One example that strategic decisions cannot be reached by consensus is the non-declaration of the decision to buy AD Jugopetrol property- real estate in Škaljari and in the Economic Zone), although the representatives of the two parties did not have any reason to do so," said Popović Moškov.

She stressed that everyone has the right to agree or not with a decision, but the responsibility implies that the facts point to the contrary.

"If the aforementioned majority has prepared all the necessary documentation (estimates, elaborates, expert judgment) pointing to the unambiguous justification of the mentioned investment, then also those who disagree should offer a minimum of arguments through the demonstration of ineligibility to justify their disagreement," Popovic Moškov said.

Otherwise, it blocks the work of the city administration in the part of strategic decisions, emphasized Popović Moškov.

"It is easy to have a consensus on decisions such as an increase in committee compensation, but it is unrealistic to expect that the unity of all constituents of government can be achieved when it comes to the investment and development of the city. Despite that the facts tell us the opposite, I hope the existing coalition keeps its homogeneity," Popovic Moškov pointed out.

Surrendering the parking space to the Port of Kotor for completing the documentation for obtaining a long-term concession has a lot of justification, according to Popovic Moškov, despite the fact that without the location at URC (the part of the Kotor’s seafront in front of the Shopping Centre Kamelija), the town will practically remain without 350 parking lots.

"This shows the responsibility of the executive authority trying to find space for parking places that would be lost by taking on and creating opportunities for a new parking location. The only option we have is 8,000 square meters, which is in the space of the present "Electrodistribution" (CEDIS) in Tabačina," said the Deputy Mayor of the Municipality.

Popović Moškov has announced that until 30 September the budget implementation was at a satisfactory level. According to data from September 19, revenues amounted to EUR 14.5 million, which is 68% of the budget planned for this year (which amounts to 21.5 million euros). All revenues are realized with planned dynamics, with the exception of municipal building fee revenues estimated to amount to 1.7 million euros by the end of the year, unlike the planned 2.9 million.

The reason is a moratorium on construction, so this is a lack of applications for building permits.

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