Montenegro and Italy: Cooperation in Technology and Science

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Montenegro and Italy: Cooperation in Technology and Science Copyrights: Government of Montenegro

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27 July, 2018 - Representatives of the Government of Montenegro and the Government of Italy signed the Executive Programme for Scientific and Technological Cooperation between the two countries. The meeting took place on the July 27th in the Innovation-Entrepreneurship Centre “Tehnopolis” with the Minister of Science of Montenegro, Sanja Damjanović and Ambassador of the Republic of Italy, Luca Zelioli. The signed programme takes place in the period 2018 – 2020.

“It is a pleasure to sign the Executive Programme. In this way, a strong stamp on co-operation between our two countries has been put in place, which usually have very friendly relations. The umbrella agreement with Italy was signed back in 2013, and since then we have successful cooperation in terms of bilateral programs that are important for our researchers,” said Minister Damjanović after signing, adding that Italy has an extraordinary tradition in science and technology, and having in mind that this region needs technological recovery, the cooperation of Italian and Montenegrin institutions, scientists and researchers, will directly help.


Ambassador of the Republic of Italy, Luca Zelioli, said that he was greatly honored and pleased that the Executive Program between the two countries was signed for the first time today.

“As you know, our bilateral relations are very good and have a tradition, but for the first time now we have the basis for much more concrete cooperation,” said the ambassador, adding that Montenegro and the Republic of Italy have good neighborly relations as well as excellent cooperation in the political field.

Prior to the signing of the Program, the Mixed Commission for Scientific and Technological Cooperation held its first joint session. At the meeting there were more words about the selection of projects that will be financed by both parties for the next two years. These are projects "of great importance", which are realized for the first time between the two countries and four projects in the field of agriculture and food, sustainable development, assessment of natural disasters and risk elimination, sustainable technologies, engineering and resources have been approved.

Also, in this period, researcher mobility will be financed, and five projects have been approved in the following areas: biotechnology and medicine, cultural heritage, sustainable technologies, engineering and resources, blue growth, agriculture and food science.


The Commission agreed, following internal evaluations in the Republic of Italy and Montenegro, that approved projects are relevant for researchers from both countries and that the implementation will be successful as before, and help networking with European institutions.

After the official signing of the Programme, the Delegation of the Republic of Italy visited the Innovation-Entrepreneurial Centre "Tehnopolis", got acquainted with the infrastructure and activities that are being conducted in this centre in order to cooperate and organise various scientific and cultural events.

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