Krtoli Citizens to Close Only Road Connection to Luštica Unless Tivat Begins Work in 7 Days

By , 30 May 2018, 12:01 PM Politics

If the next seven days see no work on re-asphalting 5 kilometers of the local Tivat-Radovići road, Krtoli residents are undertaking radical measures that include bans on everyone except residents to enter that part of the Tivat municipality

May 30, 2018 - In the next seven days, if no financing model is found and no re-asphalting begins for around 5 kilometers of the Tivat-Radovići road, which has been excavated for months to build a water supply system, Krtoli residents have said they will undertake radical measures that include bans on everyone except residents to enter that part of the Tivat municipality, the Citizens' Assembly in Radovići finalized last night. 

The demands of the villagers to asphalt both carriageways in short term were supported by representatives of "Qatari Diar" and "Luštica Development" companies, who agreed that during the forthcoming meetings with the municipality on this issue, they would appear together with representatives of the local councils of Krtoli and Krašići . At the same time, Tivat has again demonstrated uninterest to solve this problem. In addition to Elvis Mustajbesic, a local community counselor in the cabinet of the mayor of Tivat, no one from the municipality responded to the call for a new meeting with the local people who had previously been betrayed by the local administration, promising them that the excavated road would be repaired and asphalted by June 1. Contractors of the company "Jedistvo" from Užice and "Elang" from Niksić are still building or testing new water pipelines, and about 5 km of the only road connection of the Lustica peninsula with the rest of the state is completely buried and dangerous for traffic. The municipality of Tivat declares that there is no money for these necessary works and asks large foreign investors to develop projects in Luštica to participate in this business.

"Although this will create enormous additional problems because we are disturbed in our businesses, the Luštica Development is ready to meet the Municipality's request and to assume partial financing but also a qualified organization of performing the works of re-asphalting the road. We've already done market research and got a few bidders, and if we get started right away, I think it's all over in a month. However, it is necessary for the Municipality to agree with us, Qatari Diar and the owner of the La Perla Hotel to participate in this project, which is important for all of us," said Dejan Obradović from Luštica Development.

Qatari Diar representative, Jasmina Papić, said that they are also ready to help, but the municipality has not yet given any precise information on what and how much it implies, on what the Qatari Diar center in Doha insists. 

"It is not true that the Municipality informed us about this before, because their first letter, without precise details, was given on May 18. We are ready to invest in financing the asphalting of both strips at the same time, and we insist, but we will do it only for the locals of Radovici, who are our neighbors," Papić said.

Citizens welcomed the views of Luštica Development and Qatari Diar, accusing the Municipality of Tivat of neglecting its obligations and behaving reluctantly. "They have the money for costly concerts and carnivals at Pine, new jeeps and travel, and they do not have the money for 5 kilometers in Krtoli. We need to take radical measures urgently because we have been living in dust for four months," said one of the participants, Marko Stegić.

President of the Local Community of Krtoli, Ivan Starčević, expressed his dissatisfaction with the commitment of the Municipality of Tivat: "We heard the last time that all would be completed by June 1, and the representatives of the municipality rejected our invitation to participate in this meeting because, in their words, it is all completed. We see how it is completed, roads are not being prepared for asphalting at all," Starcevic said. Municipality representatives previously said that next year, they are going to invest in a sewage system building in Krtoli, and for that reason, there was no need for asphalting. Starčević called this “buying time in order not to meet the demands."

Ivan Starčević shared information on the Spatial Plan of the Coastal Zone Draft with congressional attendees, through which the route of the Azerbaijan gas pipeline is planned through the center of Krtoli. He pointed out that the 200-meter safety belt passes through the strict center of the village, while in the village of Gošići, there would be a distribution center built for Herceg Novi. Also, one arm of the gas pipeline passes through the golf course of Luštica Bay. He invited the as many participants as possible to join Tivat Municipality's presentation of Spatial Plan of the Coastal Zone Draft today. The representative of Luštica Development confirmed that this company already gave its remarks on this plan, which will be submitted today and publicly. The conference also discussed the requirements of this plan, according to which each piece of land in Krtoli is subject to expropriation for building tourist capacities. The central public debate on this plan for Tivat is scheduled for today from 3 pm to 5 pm in the Multimedia Hall at the Tivat Municipality administrative building.

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