Democrats Continue with Good Election Results

By , 22 May 2018, 13:50 PM Politics
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The Democratic party of Montenegro continues with a series of good election results.

May 21, 2018 - At yesterday's local elections in Pluzine, the Democrats, in the shadow of electoral abuse, have been established as one of the respectable political subjects. 


PHOTO: Democratic Montenegro

270 women and men from Piva voted for the Democrats, led by Novica Gogić,yesterday. This is a huge leap and progress compared to the 116 votes Democrats won at the parliamentary elections on October 16th in 2016. More precisely, Democrats have doubled their election result from two years ago. For the Democrats, this is a stimulus and powerful impulse preceding the local elections in Podgorica and other municipalities where they are recognized as the strongest opposition party with the strongest infrastructure. This is supported by the fact that the ruling party in Montenegro at the elections held yesterday in Pluzine experienced a real debacle and downfall: almost 40% fewer votes were achieved concerning the confidence that their presidential candidate got a month ago in Piva. 

Democrats offered new modern projects for Kolasin 

The Democrats have made a modern and comprehensive program focusing on the problems of the citizens in Kolasin and are offering realistic solutions to what it would look like on May 27th, when the Democrats are to be the bearers of the new government in Kolasin. As in the settlements of Donji and Gornji Pažanj, and in settlement of Biočinovići, the long-standing need for regular maintenance and the great debris have led to the enormous neglect of the infrastructure. It is difficult to understand that it is possible that a suburban village in the 21st century does not have any developed traffic infrastructure, which is known as the most important form of public space without which normal life is unimaginable.


PHOTO: Democratic Montenegro

Democrats will behave as hosts in Kolasin and work in the interest of the citizens. As a responsible authority, they will create new sidewalks and set the necessary lighting. In addition, the project also includes the restoration of worn out asphalt, all to provide to the citizens a decent, dignified and safe life in their hometown. 


PHOTO: Democratic Montenegro


Text by Promo, on May 21st, 2018, read more at Vijesti

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