03 May 2018, 15:48 PM

Most young people do not want to do agriculture, but fortunately, in Montenegro, there are those who prove the opposite. One of them is Radoslav Bele Zecevic from Pljevlja, who is the youngest professional beekeeper in Montenegro.

02 May 2018, 15:35 PM

The Greek businessman Petros Statis bought the hotel last year for 650.000 euro which is ten times less than the starting price when its sale was announced for the first time.

01 May 2018, 23:15 PM

Tivat has become a more attractive destination for citizens from the United Arab Emirates, said representatives from the Tourism Organization and Tivat Municipality at the most significant international fair of the Middle East in Dubai.

01 May 2018, 23:08 PM

The Railway transport of Montenegro, ŽPCG, ended last year with a net loss of 104,58 thousand euro which is twice as much than at the end of 2016.

30 Apr 2018, 14:01 PM

More than seven thousand guests are currently staying on the Ulcinj Riviera, estimated the officials from the local TO, who still don’t have the official data for the visits during the weekend.

30 Apr 2018, 13:58 PM

 Montenegro Airlines (MA) transported 84 thousand passengers in the first quarter in all three categories of traffic - regular, charter and shipment, and according to the current state of bookings, the positive business trend will continue in the forthcoming period, said their representatives.

30 Apr 2018, 13:56 PM

This year's summer season should be one of the most successful in the last decades, announced the Tourist Organization Budva (TOB) and added that many guests are expected in hotels during the Labor Day holiday.

29 Apr 2018, 14:15 PM

There will be no access to fort Mamula and Lastavica island in the future due to the cleaning and preparatory works necessary as an introduction to the planned reconstruction of the object which should be executed by the urban-technical and conservatory conditions.

28 Apr 2018, 11:46 AM

Investors in buildings will be obliged to hire occupational safety coordinators even during the project design phase

28 Apr 2018, 11:32 AM

Delegation from the Sustainable Development and Tourism Ministry, led by state secretary Damir Davidović, presented to representatives of the Chinese tourism economy the potential of Montenegro at the Silk Road Tourism conference, which was held from 24 to 26 April

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