Criminal Complaint Against Tivat Mayor Siniša Kusovac for Violating Self-Isolation

By , 05 Jul 2020, 20:24 PM News
Criminal Complaint Against Tivat Mayor Siniša Kusovac for Violating Self-Isolation Official Nissan Qashqai in Donji Grbalj, Source: Vijesti

On July 5, 2020 - The Tivat Police Force have filed a criminal complaint against the President of the Municipality of Tivat, Siniša Kusovac, for violating the measure of self-isolation.

"Officials of the Security Department of Tivat, on the order of the competent state prosecutor, have filed a criminal complaint against the President of the Municipality of Tivat, Siniša Kusovac. The reason is a well-founded suspicion that he committed the criminal offense of failing to comply with health regulations to combat dangerous infectious diseases by violating the measure of compulsory self-isolation at home, " the Police Administration announced.

"The Tivat police carried out official checks, about which they informed the competent health and sanitary inspector and the responsible state prosecutor. After the information was collected, the state prosecutor concluded that elements of a criminal offense had been confirmed in Siniša Kusovac's actions. According to the sanitary inspector's decision, Siniša Kusovac is being quarantined," it is stated in the announcement.

Numerous individuals claim that they saw him yesterday afternoon on the Žukovica beach in Donji Grbalj - Vijesti writes. 

Tivat resident and Vijesti correspondent from the area Siniša Luković reported to the police yesterday that the President of the Municipality of Tivat Siniša Kusovac had been spotted during the day in Žukovica - Municipality of Kotor - thus violating the self-isolation measure established by the health and sanitary inspection, Tivat police announced to Radio Tivat. 

Kusovac confirmed that he was there, but claims that he did not get out of the car and that he did not violate his self-isolation.

According to individuals in the locality, Kusovac was in Žukovica yesterday between 5 and 6 pm - one of the most beautiful, but somewhat isolated beaches in Boka.

He arrived in the official car of Tivat Municipality, a black "Nissan Quashqai" (TV MN 001), which he had previously put at his own disposal for 24 hours.

When one of member of the public went to take a photograph, Kusovac allegedly noticed and quickly got into the car, and drove away. However, witnesses spotted a black Nissan travelling along the road from Žukovica to Glavatičići. Although he did not initially answer the phone or reply to an SMS from "Vijesti," Kusovac later told the journalist in a telephone conversation that he had not left his house, and he was certainly not in Žukovica.

However, when asked who had been on a non-working day in Žukovica, if not the person provided with the official vehicle, Kusovac responded confusedly and then said that another person from the Municipality might have used the vehicle. He later changed the story after "Vijesti" sent him a photo of the municiple vehicle on a country road and asked for an official statement:

"I went down (to Žukovica) and was there for literally two minutes. I did not bathe in Žukovica, but I left the place of self-isolation for a short time due to a private problem, with the competent sanitary inspector's consent. By the way, the village of Glavatičići in Grblja was assigned to me as my place of self-isolation, not Tivat. I did not violate my self-isolation because I did not get out of the car, and I was not in contact with anyone. Feel free to let those who saw me there report if I talked to anyone there, let them say how long it took and what it was. I reported everything to the police and the sanitary inspectorate. It is my view that I did not violate self-isolation, "Kusovac told Vijesti, not wanting to answer the question of what he was looking for on Saturday afternoon in Donji Grbalj and why he was leaving the house.

Due to the fact that he had been in contact with a teacher from the Tivat kindergarten "Bambi" at a meeting in the Municipality last week, who was confirmed to have a coronavirus infection late Sunday evening, June 29, Kusovac has been officially in self-isolation since Thursday, July 2.

He was tested for coronavirus, but has not yet made any announcement as to the result.

Before announcing that he had been placed in self-isolation on Thursday, Kusovac went to work for three days and contacted numerous members of the public. On Tuesday, June 30, he attended and spoke at a session of the local parliament.

Those who violate self-isolation measures, according to the valid regulations in Montenegro, can be fined or imprisoned for up to a year.

Another criminal offense that can be brought against persons who violate self-isolation and are confirmed to be infected is the transmission of dangerous infectious diseases. Anyone who does not act according to orders to stop the spread of the infectious disease can be sentenced to between one and three years in prison.

Sources: Vijesti, Radio Tivat

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