COVID-19 in Montenegro: 18 Days Without New Cases, Update May 23, 2020

By , 23 May 2020, 21:15 PM News
COVID-19 in Montenegro: 18 Days Without New Cases, Update May 23, 2020 Illustration, Source: Boka News
May 23, 2020 - The epidemic situation in Montenegro is the same. One active COVID-19 case and 314 recovered patients.
"Another 47 samples have been analyzed. They were all negative," Institute for Public Health reported. The active case is from Gusinje. Since March 17, when the first coronavirus case was registered, 324 cases have been reported.

Becoming corona free destination

To become a corona-free destination would be a real privilege for Montenegro in the world where pandemic of the SARS- Cov- 2 is looming. Montenegro's position is very favorable as counting days to acquire this status in circumstances in which other countries are recording an increase in the number of infections. Dr. Vesna Miranović, head of the Operational unit for the implementation of measures for the prevention of the spread of COVID-19, has said.
Dr. Miranović suggests that the corona-free destination possibility is not the only news thanks to which Montenegro has attracted attention.
"Montenegro is the last country in Europe where the COVID-19 pandemic broke out. It is special because it is the only country where no case of the virus has been recorded in nursing homes. It would be great if we could add to this list of achievements the fact that it is the first corona-free destination in  Europe", Dr. Miranović says.

Five times more prosecuted than infected with COVID-19

From the beginning of the implementation of the measures adopted to prevent the spread of COVID-19 until May 19, the Police Directorate filed criminal charges against 1,768 persons who violated them.
The citizens of Podgorica violated the most measures 429, Bar 291, then Nikšić 240, while 143 misdemeanor measures were filed in Herceg Novi.
In Ulcinj, 102 criminal charges were filed for violating the measures, Vikend Novine writes.
"Citizens mostly violated the measure of banning them from leaving the residential building within the prescribed time, and on this basis, the police filed criminal charges against 714 people. Criminal charges were filed against 235 people for non-compliance with the measure banning intercity passenger traffic. Due to the violation of the rule prohibiting the gathering of the population in closed and open public places, criminal charges were filed against 81 people ", said Vikend Novine from the Police Administration.
According to statistical data submitted to the Weekend Newspaper by the Police Directorate, 87 criminal charges were filed in Budva for violating the measures of the NKT. At the same time, 70 people were prosecuted in Kotor.
They are followed by Pljevlja 62 and Berane, with 54 filed criminal charges. Thirty-seven persons from Tivat, 36 from Danilovgrad, and 35 from Plav were prosecuted for violating the measures, while 30 criminal charges were filed in Bijelo Polje and Žabljak.
In Cetinje, 26 people were prosecuted for violating the measures, and 24 in Rozaje. A slightly smaller number of persons, 19 of them in Tuzi, while 17 in Mojkovac and 15 in Kolašin. Eight criminal charges were filed in Andrijevica, while seven people were prosecuted in Savnik. The citizens of Petnjica violated the least measures, six of them.
"According to the failure to act on temporary measures adopted by the National Coordination Body for Infectious Diseases in Montenegro, there were 144 persons deprived of liberty in the Directorate for Execution of Criminal Sanctions on March 16," UIKS told Vikend Novine.
Source: CDM English

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