COVID-19 in Montenegro: Almost Corona Free, Update May 22, 2020

By , 22 May 2020, 23:00 PM News
COVID-19 in Montenegro: Almost Corona Free, Update May 22, 2020 Illustration, Source: Radio Tivat

May 22, 2020 - There is currently only one COVID-19 patient in Montenegro. The number of recovered cases is 314.

"Laboratories of the Institute for Public Health analyzed 94 samples and found no new cases of coronavirus", a representative of the Institute has reported.

After the transport of a Serbia national to his country, one active COVID-19 case is left. The person is from Gusinje. Around 1,298 persons are still under watch.

Serbia national positive for COVID-19 transported to Serbia

Serbian national who tested positive for coronavirus after his accident in Montenegro was transported to Serbia by helicopter this morning.

To the best knowledge of CdM, Montenegro will pay the costs of transport and treatment.

The patient is a driver of the freight program, and he entered Montenegro on 18 May. Repeat testing has established that the patient is positive for coronavirus. All contacts of this person are in isolation.

Allowing only general aviation discrimination of Montenegrin Citizens

The National Coordination Body for Infectious Diseases (NKT) recently decided to allow the arrival of small planes and helicopters, up to 10 seats, in Montenegro.

The journalist of the Independent daily "Vijesti", Siniša Luković, who has been dealing with air traffic for years, explains who can come to Montenegro in this way.

"These are people with bottomless pockets, who can afford that kind of luxury service to rent that one small plane for their own needs and fly with it to a destination that suits them. It is not just about small planes, but it is also allowed the so-called helicopter VIP traffic in Montenegro ", Luković pointed out.

Travelers who come to Montenegro in this way must bring a negative test for coronavirus, not older than 48 hours. However, they do not go to quarantine or self-isolation for up to 14 days. They have to report to the health authorities.

Lukovic points out that such a regime is not enjoyed even by Montenegrin citizens who come to Montenegro with the so-called repatriation flights, as well as seafarers, who also have to be quarantined and when they have a certificate that they are not sick with COVID-19.

The Institute of Public Health (IJZ) explained to Vijesti Television that this is the first in a series of measures to ease restrictions in air traffic and that it applies to a tiny number of people, who can easily follow. However, they admit that they are in a privileged position compared to other passengers.

"The mentioned measure in a particular part can be considered as positive discrimination of people who come in this way, but it is necessary to observe it only in the light of gradual relaxation and evaluation of the mentioned modality of the arrival of foreign guests. If it proves valid and feasible, it will be applied to other passengers who will come to Montenegro in the future, "said the IJZ.

Lukovic, although he sees nothing wrong with reintroducing some air traffic, notes:

"This step will not contribute absolutely anything in terms of improving the Montenegrin economy, because a tiny number of people use this type of air traffic. The best confirmation is that in two days only one small private plane with two passengers landed at Tivat airport. Such low numbers will not start our economy, "Lukovic said.

Only the full opening of air traffic and the arrival of tourists, can lead to positive economic effects, concluded Luković.

The authorities are announcing the introduction of regular air traffic as an opportunity for June. Some countries in the region have already started passenger traffic, such as Serbia and Croatia.

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