Today is the Day: Reopened Cafes, Restaurants, Beaches, Shopping Malls

By , 15 May 2020, 15:01 PM News
Today is the Day: Reopened Cafes, Restaurants, Beaches, Shopping Malls Restaurants and Cafes are Starting to Work Today, Source:

May 15, 2020 - Today is the Day! Citizens of Montenegro can finally return to one of their most important habits - drinking espresso coffee, which they call "Deutsch" with milk. In addition, the National Coordination Body for Infectious Diseases lifted the curfew and approved the establishment of passenger traffic throughout the country. From today, you can also go to the beach, and as far as shopping is concerned - shopping malls are starting to work.

From today, traffic is allowed for passenger and TAXI vehicles, and from Monday, public road and rail transport. The temporary measure that a maximum of two adults can be transported in a passenger vehicle is also abolished. Both passenger and public transport still involve the use of protective masks, except for members of the family household.

As of today, the work of catering facilities and shopping centers and the use of beaches is enabled.

Caterers must provide certain conditions for employees, as well as adjust the space of their cafes and restaurants, to ensure compliance with the NKT measures that remain in force. A maximum of four guests can sit at one table, unless they are members of a joint family household. Tables must be at least 2m away. Waiters and bartenders are obliged to wear masks, regularly disinfect their hands, and the owners of catering facilities are obliged to provide disinfectants for guests at the entrance to the facility.

Montenegrins will still miss the opportunity to hang out at the bar in cafes, because the owners of catering facilities have been ordered to disable self-service, standing and staying in front of the bar.
As of today, the beaches are reopened, where there will be much fewer deck chairs than we are used to, which is not bad - the distance between the sets of beach furniture must be at least two meters, and in the part of the public beach where beach furniture is not installed, swimmers must respect the obligation to keep a distance of at least two meters, except for members of the joint family household.

Beach tenants must ensure regular hygiene and disinfect beach furniture and equipment.

Users of unarranged bathing areas are obliged to respect a distance of at least two meters, except for members of the joint family household.

Shopping centers are starting to work, with a limit on the number of visitors due to the square footage of the building - a maximum of one person per 10m2 of space, with the obligation to respect the physical distance of at least 2m.

In shopping centers, we now have marked the mandatory direction of movement of consumers and visitors, who are obliged to use the provided means for hand disinfection, which must be located at the entrance and exit.

All employees in shopping centers, as well as all visitors, must wear protective masks. The ban on the operation of cinemas in shopping malls remains in force.

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