Mugoša: IJZ Will Propose Further Mitigation of Measures from Friday

By , 12 May 2020, 14:34 PM News
Mugoša: IJZ Will Propose Further Mitigation of Measures from Friday Dr. Boban Mugoša, the Director of the Institute of Public Health, Source: Mina
May 12, 2020 - At today's session of the National Coordination Body for Infectious Diseases (NKT), the Institute of Public Health (IJZ) will propose the abolition of specific measures introduced to fight the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic, said the director of this institution, Boban Mugoša.
"Some measures related to restaurants, cafes, bars, hotel restaurants, beaches will be abolished. The IPH will propose that these measures be mitigated and that we start from Friday, we will see if the NKT will agree ", said Mugoša and added that he hopes to go into a more in-depth phase of easing the measures, but that the rules that remain in force must be respected.
According to him, Montenegro was the first to introduce measures, and the last to give in.
"All people must have religious and political as well as all other freedoms, and I support that. But, in this situation, we managed to save Montenegro, "said Mugoša, warning that the society is creating the belief that COVID-19 is nothing terrible, which can be dangerous for the further development of the situation. People forget what was happening in Italy, Spain, and France. "Those are terrible pictures, and luckily we didn't have them," says Mugoša.
He reminds us that nine people died of COVID-19 in Montenegro, which is a lot for our small society.
"I insist that there is no grouping until further notice that social distance must be kept. That is what I can say as an epidemiologist, "Mugosa said.
He adds that the results show that the recommendations were valid and gave results. According to him, we still do not have enough scientific parameters to be able to talk about the second wave with certainty.
However, Mugoša believes that COVID-19 will not disappear like SARS.
The fact that we do not have new cases does not mean that there is no virus, only after a period of two incubations, explains Mugoš, we can say that we got rid of the virus.
"We now have a controlled epidemic,  on proud of both citizens and medical workers, "said Mugoša.
"There is no relaxation, and it will not be for a long time," Mugoša said, adding that some measures will remain in force for a long time.

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