COVID-19 in Montenegro: Only 21 Cases, Update May 12, 2020

By , 12 May 2020, 14:16 PM News
COVID-19 in Montenegro: Only 21 Cases, Update May 12, 2020 Illustration
May 12, 2020 - No new cases of COVID-19 have been registered since Tuesday, 5 May, and four more persons have recovered from Covid-19, putting the total number of recoveries at 294. The total number of registered cases stands at 324. There are currently 21 active cases in the the city as follows: Ulcinj (10), Podgorica (3), Bar (3), Gusinje (3), Plav (1), Bijelo Polje (1).

Hrapović: Dedication and sacrifice of nurses, technicians, and midwives are the pride of the nation

"Nurses, technicians, and midwives are an integral part of the success of the healthcare system in all circumstances. Today when we proudly point out the success of Montenegro's healthcare in the fight against COVID-19, we must as a society particularly emphasize your performance," said the minister of health, Kenan Hrapovic on the occasion of International Nurses Day. As Hrapovic stressed, society's obligation "must now and always be to maintain special attention to your status, education, and the conditions in which you work."

Montenegrins wearing masks but complain these are suffocating them

Across Podgorica, shoppers are generally respecting the order to wear masks in closed spaces. Exceptions exist, however, and are mostly seen in supermarkets. Retailers complain they are often unsuccessful in convincing shoppers that they cannot let them into their stores without a mask. As of Monday, the wearing of mouth and nose covers in closed spaces is obligatory, and violations of this measure are subject to sanctions.

Low number of passengers, but they're observing measures

As of yesterday, intercity buses began operating once again, within designated regional limits, as ordered by the Ministry of Transport. Bus drivers reported very few passengers but said all wore masks, and some also wore gloves. Bus carriers have three days to inform the ministry of the routes they will be running.

First vessel expected in Marina Bar in the next few days

The first vessel to arrive in Bar's marina will be required to meet the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Transport's Action Plan based on the National Coordinating Body's measures. The vessel is expected to arrive in the coming days. Despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic, Marina Bar is ready for the launch of the yachting season. The Maritime Safety Administration, as well as other authorities, will be in charge of implementing the plan and monitoring its fulfillment. The program includes a mandatory 14-day quarantine for every vessel entering Montenegrin waters. Under the quarantine, all passengers and crew members will be prohibited from deboarding, and the ship will be accessible only by the agent tasked with delivering food and other necessities. The quarantine also implies the provision of physical and technical protection.

Danilovic clearly showed that protest walk was not his goal and he jeopardized citizens' health

Basic Prosecutor's Office in Podgorica formed a case on the protest walk, which United Montenegro MP Goran Danilovic organized two nights ago. Danilovic held the so-called "protest walk of silence," which other party officials and around 50 citizens joined. The Basic Prosecutor's Office said it was taking action to establish all facts related to the event. The Police Administration, whose members escorted the protest walkers, informed the office. Danilovic was questioned last night by the police. He said that they could keep arresting him but that he would keep walking. Danilovic is being accused of jeopardizing public health by organizing this walk.

Quick state intervention without much bureaucracy needed

The third set of state measures should contain additional subsidies for companies that have been banned from working because, in most cases, these are micro and small companies that have been particularly affected by the crisis caused by the coronavirus. It is the position of the Union of Employers (UPCG). "Work is underway on the third set of proposed measures. After harmonization with businessmen - our members and adoption by the board of directors, the innovated proposed measures will be sent to the government and the Operational Headquarters of the National Coordinating Body for economic support", the UPCG says.

COVID-19 brings down prospects of Montenegro and 41 other countries

The consequences of the Covid-19 epidemic on tourism, as one of the essential sectors in Montenegro, are the key reasons why Standard & Poor's (S&P) has recently changed the outlook on Montenegro's credit rating from stable to negative in its new report, with confirmation of the B+/B rating. According to the Ministry of Finance, S&P estimated that the pandemic would have significant consequences at a global level in all countries where tourism was among priority sectors.

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