COVID-19 in Montenegro: 274 infected, Three Deaths, Update April 13, 2020

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COVID-19 in Montenegro: 274 infected, Three Deaths, Update April 13, 2020 Illustration, Source: Vijesti Online
April 13, 2020 - Two new cases of the coronavirus infection were registered in Montenegro today, according to the Institute of Public Health. They were new cases are from Podgorica, both contacts of previously known COVID-19 patients. Since the beginning of the coronavirus, our country registered 274 cases of COVID-19. Three of them have lost their battle with this disease, and nine have been cured. 

Number of COVID-19 cases by municipalities:

Podgorica: 147
Sad: 36
Niksic: 31
Bar: 21
Ulcinj: 10
Andrijevica: 7
Bijelo Polje: 6
Herceg Novi: 6
Budva: 4
Danilovgrad: 3
Tivat: 3
"Today, four patients were discharged from the Clinical Center and confirmed by double testing that they no longer have COVID-19 infection, while we await the result of a control test for one person," said Crisis Medical Staff member Aleksandar Kujovic.
Nineteen patients were hospitalized at the Clinical Center. Of these, 12 are at the Infectious Diseases Clinic, three are in the Pulmonology Department of the Internal Clinic, and four are in the Intensive Care Unit. Three of them are on the respirator.
"Their condition is as stable as it can be on a respirator. One patient is extubated today, and to our satisfaction, considering he is a younger patient, his condition is stable without a respirator, ”Kujovic said.
Regarding the temporary hospitals, Kujovic said that the Bemaks Arena is fully equipped for the needs of the hospital and that the makeshift hospitals in SC Morača in Podgorica, Topolica Hall in Bar and the sports hall in Berane have been completed, except medical equipment.
Assistant director of the Institute of Public Health epidemiologist Senad Begic said there was reason to be optimistic when it came to increasing the number of virus coronas recovered. "We are awaiting the results of the second test for a significant number of patients," Begic said.

Health Minister: Strict measures at least till the middle of May

Health Minister Kenan Hrapovic said he believed that phasing out some of the temporary measures introduced to curb the spread of COVID-19 could start in mid-May.
He stressed that the situation in mid-May would depend on our behavior yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
 "Although most Montenegrin citizens respect the measures and recommendations of the Ministry of Health, there is one part that refuses to accept that risky behavior these days is something that puts us all in great danger," Hrapovic told the Daily the newspaper.
 "If we now refrain from all the challenges that, above all, the good weather brings us these days, then we will be able to use the summer as it should. If we are frivolous now, our chances of being shorter in this vacuum may be uncertain, ”he said.
Hrapovic said the Montenegrin health system currently has 149 respirators. "We expect three new respirators to arrive in a few days. The purchase of 100 more has been agreed with UNDP, and the first 40 respirators from this contract will arrive by the end of the month, ”the minister said.
Since the first registered case of the coronavirus in Montenegro on March 17, 3,272 people have been tested, 274 have been infected, 41 patients are hospitalized, and three have unfortunately lost the battle with COVID-19. There are 7,605 people under the care of epidemiological services.
Hrapovic said it was early to talk about the end of the COVID-19 epidemic.
"We can only be optimistic if we all follow the directions of the profession; there is no doubt that we are on the right track. We are witnessing the re-importation of the virus in China as well as its occurrence in already cured patients. The world is still learning. This virus is still a huge unknown to the world's expert public. We must not be irresponsible and allow misconceptions to lead us to the wrong conclusions and answers. Now every step is important. At the forefront of our struggle is the profession, and we need to hear what they tell us. When they give the green light for the end, then we will know that it is indeed the end of the epidemic, ”Hrapovic said.

Tuzi managed to shut down the overgrowth, not abolish measures abruptly

Deputy Director of the Institute of Public Health, Dr. Senad Begic, pointed out that in Tuzi municipality they adhered to the recommendations like nowhere else in the world.
"They adhered so strictly to the measures and managed to close the site with their behavior. The measures related to Tuzi will be re-evaluated. What is very important is that no single measure will be abruptly interrupted because any abrupt interruption of enforcement has a boomerang effect. Everything we have done can fall into the water. We will propose a gradual easing of measures, ”Begic said.

MNE signed with EU an Agreement on Joint Procurement of Medicines and Medical Devices

Vice President Milutin Simovic signed today on behalf of the Government of Montenegro, an Agreement on joint procurement of medicines, medical devices, and other goods.
With the implementation of this agreement, Montenegro is becoming part of the mechanism the EU created to ensure faster, more efficient, and rational procurement of medicines, medical devices, and other goods or services aimed at combating severe cross-border threats to health.
Bearing in mind that the global spread of the COVID-19 epidemic has significantly increased the demand for medical supplies and equipment and has complicated the procurement process, the EU has launched a joint procurement mechanism that will strengthen the purchasing power of contracting parties and ensure fair access to medical means of severe cross-border threats to health.
The EU has committed Montenegro to emergency support in medical equipment worth 3m euros and 50m euros in long-term assistance to address the effects of the pandemic, which will target the sectors most affected by the crisis.
Markovic thanked the European Union for its assistance so far and stressed the conviction that a United Europe would resist all the challenges and be even stronger with Montenegro and other Western Balkan countries.
Source: Government of Montenegro, Vijesti Online,

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