COVID-19 in Montenegro: Third Victim, 272 Infected, Update April 12, 2020

By , 12 Apr 2020, 21:52 PM News
COVID-19 in Montenegro: Third Victim, 272 Infected, Update April 12, 2020 (screenshot)
April 12, 2020 - A 74-year-old man infected with the coronavirus has died today at the Clinical Center, and is the third COVID-19 victim in Montenegro.
There are currently 21 patients hospitalized with COVID-19, five of whom are being treated at the Internal Medicine Clinic and 16 at the Infectious Disease Clinic. In the last 24 hours, four new cases of coronavirus infection have been registered, according to the Institute of Public Health, increasing the number of COVID-19 patients in Montenegro to 272. Four new cases are from Podgorica, and one is from Tivat.
Interestingly, in Montenegro, there are three times more people prosecuted for violation of temporary measures than those infected with the coronavirus.
Police have since prosecuted the implementation of interim measures by the National Infectious Disease Coordination Body to prevent the spread of X-19, prosecuting 806 people who violated the rules, the Police Directorate said. 

Number of COVID-19 cases by municipalities

Podgorica: 145
Sad: 36
Niksic: 31
Bar: 21
Ulcinj: 10
Andrijevica: 7
Bijelo Polje: 6
Herceg Novi: 6
Budva: 4
Danilovgrad: 3
Tivat: 3

PM Markovic: Montenegrin diplomacy has proven successful when most needed

 “In this challenging time of the coronavirus pandemic, our diplomatic and consular missions, honorary consuls, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs put in a considerable effort to organize the return of our nationals to Montenegro and foreigners to their homes and to ensure humanitarian aid and donations. "

At the moment no need for NATO's help to Montenegro fighting the COVID-19 pandemic

The current situation on the field requires no further NATO engagement when it comes to Montenegro's battle against the coronavirus, as it keeps keeping things under control right now. In case of an emergency, the course is going to reactivate the request we have already sent to Brussels, the Minister of Defense, Mr. Predrag Boskovic, told in an interview for Pobjeda daily.
Around 200 soldiers have been recruited to help combat the spread of COVID-19. They provide security services for quarantines across the country, while helicopters transport the vulnerable, equipment, and other things.

Metropolitan Amfilohije, several priests and citizens summoned to the police for informative talks

The National Police detained today several Priests of the Metropolitanate of Montenegro and the Littoral, who gathered around religious facilities in the capital Podgorica, for the informative talks. The Metropolitan of Amphilochia was among them and detained as well. The police told CdM.
They also stressed that no one was apprehended but rather summoned for informative talks.
“Police officers noticed many priests, as well as citizens, who were gathering around the Temple of Christ's Resurrection and the Zlatica Monastery. They were all summoned for informative talks to explain the reasons behind the gatherings, “the police told CdM unofficially.

Residents of Tuzi ask for a change in existing COVID-19 countermeasures

Following the consultations with my colleagues and representatives of town districts, I sent a request to the National Coordination Body, NKT, to alleviate the countermeasures for COVID-19 in a place in the Municipality of Tuzi - Mr. Nik Djelosaj, the President of this municipality, told.
Mr. Djeljosaj pointed out that the measures were halting the increase in the number of infected people, and that they now have two persons who beat the virus and were discharged from the hospital.
He said: “I believe we will soon hold a meeting with medics from the Public Health Institute and that we will decide together to change the existing measures.”
Sources: Government of Montenegro,, CDM English, Vijesti Online

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