COVID-19 in Montenegro: 53 cases, 15 from Tuzi, Update March 25, 2020

By , 25 Mar 2020, 21:00 PM News
COVID-19 in Montenegro: 53 cases, 15 from Tuzi, Update March 25, 2020 Source: Opstina Tivat
March 25, 2020 - In Montenegro, 53 people has been confirmed with the coronavirus so far. Six new cases of COVID-19 patients were discovered today, according to the Institute of Public Health. The situation in Tuzi is particularly tricky, with 15 new cases reported since yesterday, which is why the National Coordination Body for Infectious Diseases introduced a measure to ban citizens from leaving their homes entirely. There are currently 6,356 people in health care in Montenegro.
The National Coordinating Body adopted two recommendations last night to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus. The elderly and chronically ill, as well as people with disabilities, should stay at home. Also, inspection authorities are tasked with imposing a ban on activities for those who violate the rules. With the provisional measures introduced earlier, Montenegro is one step away from launching a state of emergency.
Although compared to other countries, the number of 54 COVID-19 patients may not sound terrible, Montenegro is introducing a large number of preventative measures, aware of the weak capacity of its healthcare system. Therefore, no precautionary measure is at stake here.
The CIN-CG Center for Investigative Reporting also wrote about the exposure and insecurity of physicians. Several nurses and two doctors, one shift of the Emergency Center of the Clinical Center of Montenegro is in quarantine, confirmed to CIN-CG one of the persons from this medical team.
Quarantine has been on for several days now, as confirmed by Government News reporters, with about a dozen health workers from Herceg Novi who have been in contact with the infected person. It was the first victim of a virus in Montenegro from this city.
These examples confirm the fears that, in a dramatic appeal and public address to Prime Minister Dusko Markovic, were communicated by the Union of Doctors of Medicine (SDMCG). They are claiming that frontline medical workers do not have adequate protective equipment against COVID-19 and that they may be life threatened. It is not the first appeal, as the SDMCG has been warning for a long time about problems that health care professionals may encounter due to the lack of necessary measures to protect them.
"We must take care of our safety to stay on our feet to care for incoming patients," President of the Union of Doctors of Medicine, epidemiologist Milena Popovic Samardzic told CIN-CG, warning that otherwise, "all health care workers will be infected. "
In addition to numerous donations, support for the Montenegrin healthcare system is coming from the European Union, the head of the EU delegation to Montenegro Aivo Orav announced. "The EU will allocate € 3m of emergency aid to the Montenegrin health system and € 50m more as a long term aid, to be used by the Montenegrin government when and as necessary," he said.
The Clinical Center of Montenegro (KCCG) treats 11 patients who have confirmed COVID-19 infection, nine of which are in the Infectious Diseases Clinic and two in the Internal Clinic. The Clinical Center reported that all patients at the Infectious Diseases Clinic are currently of stable vital parameters. "Both patients at the Internal Clinic have stable vital parameters so far, under oxygen therapy, but not attached to a respirator," the statement said.
"How dangerous the contact is, is said by the fact that, for the time being, out of only two imported cases, 28 people have been able to spread the virus: one case started the disease chain at 15 and another at 13. Keep the distance, respect recommendations and orders, and stay at home," commissioned the Institute of Public Health.
Particularly troublesome is the situation in Tuzi, where citizens are not allowed to leave their homes since last night after it was reported that 15 out of 18 cases confirmed yesterday were from the municipality. Any movement of citizens in Tuzi is prohibited, and supplies for emergency purposes are carried out by volunteers.
Director of the Institute of Public Health, Boban Mugoša, said the situation is dangerous - the virus is easily spread and can infect many people.
"Tuzi has a population of 15,000. If expanded to just 40 percent of the people, which makes up 6,000, of those 6,000, 1,200 would be ill. Of that number, 300 would end up on respirators, and at least 150 would die. It is a drastic situation. I pray that this voice is heard, that reason prevails, that the population stays at home, that those who have any symptoms like the cold should be separated into separate rooms, " Mugoša emphasized.
Source: CIN-CG, Vijesti Online

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