COVID-19 in Montenegro: 90 infected, New Measures Implemented, Update March 30, 2020

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COVID-19 in Montenegro: 90 infected, New Measures Implemented, Update March 30, 2020 Source: Radio Tivat
March 30, 2020 - The Institute of Public Health says that among  95 samples analyzed today, six were positive for the COVID-19 infection. The total of new coronavirus cases in Montenegro is 91, one of whom died. Cases have so far been registered in 9 Montenegrin cities: Tuzi (32), Podgorica (30), Ulcinj (7), Andrijevica (6), Bar (6), Budva (4), Herceg Novi (4), Danilovgrad (1), and Tivat (1).
According to the Clinical Centre of Montenegro, 14 coronavirus patients are currently being treated at this facility. Four of these patients are in Intensive Care, announced the hospital. One patient is hooked to a respirator, and his condition is critical, while other patients are stable at the moment. 

New measures by the National Coordination Body

Prohibition to leave the accommodation facility in the period from:
1. 7:00 pm - 5:00 am - Monday-Friday
2. 1:00 pm Saturday to 5:00 am Monday
The ban applies to all except the exceptions covered by the order.
Exceptionally, for the duration of the ban, persons with pets may be allowed to stay in the public area for a maximum of 60 minutes.
Prohibitions 1 and 2 do not apply to persons who perform regular work tasks and provide services of public interest (health, inspections, police, military, firefighters, utilities, media - including guests at shows, farmers on farms) - evidence: employer confirmation
3. Prohibition to stay in the open public area from 5 am to 7 pm for children under 12 without one parent or another adult member of the family household, subject to the prescribed measure of at least 2m distance from other persons.
4. Prohibition of sports and recreational activities on all public areas
5. Prohibition of gathering in the premises of accommodation by persons who are not members of the joint family household 

237 health workers in isolation

In Montenegro, there are currently 237 health workers in isolation due to the risk of coronavirus, according to the RTCG's Arguments.
The health system is ready to tackle COVID-19, but citizens must comply with all measures taken by the competent authorities to combat this plague, doctors warn.
Nermin Abdic, director of the Emergency Block of the Clinical Center, reiterated that all citizens must be socially responsible and stay home.
 "The biggest focal point is the General Hospital in Bar, wherein one day there were 55 health workers in isolation, which is why we had a job in the medical crisis headquarters to support the Hospital in Bar in cooperation with the Clinical Center," said Abdić.
Senad Begic, an epidemiologist at the Institute of Public Health, told citizens to stay in homes because it is "the only weapon we currently have".
"It is crucial for citizens to show the same determination shown by all the services of this country when it comes to fighting COVID-19. I am glad to see the commitment, because only together and in this fight can we come out as winners," Begic said.

New contingents of medical support are arriving

This week, in two contingents, Montenegro is receiving a significant and valuable amount of medical and protective equipment.
According to the Government's Twitter account, more than one million masks, 600,000 medical gloves, 1,000 safety glasses, 1,000 special suits, remote thermometers are arriving in Montenegro. The National Coordinating Body and the Government thank the donors, Petros Stathis, Paul Pui, Ranko Ubovic, Aleksandar Mihajlovic, and Taksin Shinawatra.

Montenegro seeks medical assistance from NATO to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic

Montenegro's national infectious disease coordinating body sought NATO's support in combating coronavirus. A request published on the NATO website states that Montenegro also requested 320 respirators, 4,000 coronavirus tests, 1,000 beds with mattresses, more than five million surgical masks, one million disposable suits.
Also wanted were 150 beds with additional hospital equipment and 140 stretchers.
The Montenegrin request to the Allies also stated that Montenegro needed 4,000 towels, 2,000 linens, 500,000 masks for personal use, 336,000 protective suits, six million gloves, 10,000 liters of medical alcohol. Our country also asks for  10,000 pipettes, 4,000 swab collectors, 4,000 sample tubes, two defibrillators, 50 nebulizers, 40 laryngoscopes, and 20 bronchoscopes.
Montenegro also needs 500 pulse oximeters, 50 oxygen concentrators, 50 ECGs, 200 oxygen bottles, 20 digital x-rays and 320 portable monitors.

Formed Working Group on the Economic Consequences of the COVID-19 Pandemic 

Prime Minister Dusko Markovic today formed a working group to prepare proposals for a new package of measures to support Montenegrin companies, entrepreneurs, and citizens in dealing with the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Saving the health and lives of citizens remains a priority, but the processes need to be initiated to respond to the economic aspect of the pandemic. The Working Group's proposals should be formulated within 5-7 days and considered in dialogue with the social partners, says the Government.
The measures aim to assist the economy and entrepreneurs to conserve resources, employees, and activity, the Government said. Coordination of the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro Vlastimir Golubovic, Secretary-General of the Union of Municipalities of Montenegro Refik Bojadzic and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Investment and Development Fund Zoran Vukcevic participated in the coordination.

Press conferences on COVID-19 situation from tomorrow twice a day

The National Coordinating Body has decided to hold twice-daily press conferences starting tomorrow.
At nine o'clock, there will be a conference with the doctors of the Institute of Public Health. At 5 pm, information from the doctors of the Clinical Center of Montenegro. As announced, live TV coverage will be provided.
As reported, journalists will be able to ask doctors anything they want online.
"The public receives timely and accurate information, media equal treatment, and journalists have the opportunity to ask doctors directly," the statement said.

Proceedings against 100 persons for breach of provisional measures to combat COVID-19

Basic State prosecutor's offices in Montenegro have initiated proceedings against 100 persons suspected of having committed a criminal offense for failing to comply with the Montenegrin Government's temporary orders, implemented to fight COVID-19, state prosecutor Milica Andjelic Mandic said. She told TVCG that 50 proceedings were initiated before the Basic State Prosecutor's Office in Podgorica.
Sources: Vijesti Online, Radio Tivat, Government of Montenegro, Institute of Public Helath

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