COVID-19 in Montenegro: 85 cases, One Death, Update March 29, 2020

By , 29 Mar 2020, 22:28 PM News
COVID-19 in Montenegro: 85 cases, One Death, Update March 29, 2020 Source: screenshot
March 29, 2020 - In Montenegro, among 46 samples analyzed today, one patient was diagnosed with COVID-19 infection, according to the Institute of Public Health. A total of 85 patients are confirmed positive on coronavirus infection, one of which died. There are 6,278 people under health surveillance.

Patient with COVID-19 infection died today, but Clinical Center says no cause coronavirus

Another coronavirus positive person passed away at the Clinical Center of Montenegro today. Still, from that institution, they inform that the patient (79) was without signs of severe impairment of respiratory function and was not a candidate for a respirator and that he cause of death is related to chronic heart failure and is not associated with coronavirus.
At the Clinical Center, 13 patients are currently being treated for COVID-19, three of which are in the Intensive Care Unit of the Internal Clinic. "All patients currently have stable vital parameters," the statement said.

Due to contact with COVID-19 patients, part of the medical staff in isolation

The doctor and technician of the Podgorica Emergency Room are in self-isolation after contact with a patient confirmed positive to coronavirus. It is the suggestion of an epidemiologist, although the results of their tests were negative.
Part of the doctors and nurses at the Bar General Hospital were given a measure of home isolation after one doctor was found to be coronavirus positive. A seven-member crew was immediately sent from the Clinical Center of Montenegro to provide smooth operation of the Bar hospital while part of the staff is in isolation.
It was previously confirmed that some of the staff of the Clinical Center Emergency Center are in isolation due to contact with a later confirmed case of COVID-19.

Find accurate COVID-19 in Montenegro info at 

The Government of Montenegro and the Public Health Institute have made available some of the information on the current COVID-19 virus pandemic in the territory of Montenegro you could find at
Data on the number of persons in self-isolation in villages and towns are available and visible, as well as visualization of data on the number of infected persons from the moment when the first case of COVID-19 was officially recorded in Montenegro.

Distributed Medical Assistance - Donation by Petros Stathis

Medical equipment was this morning deployed across Montenegro. Greek businessman Petros Statis, at the personal request of Prime Minister Dusko Markovic, donated three and a half tonnes of protective equipment to our health care system. Adriatic Marinas co-owner Mohamed el Shaybani assisted transportation to our country.
Crisis Operative Medical Staff Head Prof. Dr. Ranko Lazovic announced yesterday that the equipment donated will meet the needs of the Montenegrin health system in the next 3-4 weeks when the epidemic is coming to an end. 

Begic: Montenegro seeks external partners for serial testing on COVID-19 if needed

Scientists are still more focused on the sick than on the recovered, so it is not yet clear whether people recovering from the COVID-19 will be immune to re-infection, epidemiologist Senad Begic of the Institute of Public Health told Al Jazeera Balkans.
"What is known is that recovered persons can secrete a virus for a long time after recovery," marked Begic.
He said the Institute of Public Health had tested nearly a third of all patients treated in the last two weeks in recent days. Montenegro, he says, has its testing strategy, creating and adapting to the situation on the ground, the results of epidemiological surveys, as well as epidemiological indicators of disease trends.
"It is illusory to expect that small Montenegro, nor any country in the region, could test the entire population or conduct a massive testing campaign in municipalities with currently available capacities. It is why we are looking for external partners who could help us with this plan if mass testing in local communities proves to be one of the valid options for combating the spread of further disease," stressed is Begic.
Begic said that adherence to all the prescribed measures is an absolute imperative, noting that the feedback and cooperation of Montenegrin citizens are excellent and that their hands are "the main key to solving this situation and winning the virus."  

Markovic: The hardest period is yet to come

"There are 620,000 inhabitants in Montenegro. We aim to increase our population growth not to decrease it, "says Prime Minister Dusko Markovic in his Twitter post.
"Therefore, there is no arbitration on what we can and cannot do, and whether customs and traditions, whether secular or religious, are above the right to the life and health of the nation," Markovic stresses.
 Markovic says that Montenegro is in control of the situation, but in the coming weeks, we must act even more decisively and more powerfully.
"The latest figures from the Institute of Public Health are a reminder, and we already have a high number of 90 cases confirmed. Although Montenegro is currently managing the situation, it is clear that we are facing the greatest challenges. In the coming weeks, we have to act even more decisively and more strongly," Markovic stresses.

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