Montenegrin Beaches Secured with 568 Lifeguards

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July 1, 2018 - The Red Cross of Montenegro conducted four lifeguard training during May and June and organized a certification of licenses of water lifeguards. So far, 568 licensed water rescue workers have been offered to Montenegrin beach renters, according to Public Enterprise “Morsko Dobro”.

Morsko Dobro is a company that serves as a regulator and law implementor when it comes to the using, protection, conservation and sustainability of Montenegrin water areas, as well as the Montenegrin coast.

At the courses, 96 new lifeguards were trained, while 472 old ones successfully passed the check-ups and certified their licenses.

“We must point out that this year we have an increase in the number of trained lifeguards, which means that there is a greater interest for this type of profession. The Red Cross of Montenegro is a member of the International Life Saving Federation, therefore the training programme is in line with all European and world standards,” as said by representatives of the Red Cross of Montenegro.

The Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism recently adopted a law on the conditions that must be fulfilled by arranged and constructed swimming areas, which at the same time concerns the organization of the lifeguard service.

According to the Article 5 of this Law, the lifeguard service must be made out of at least one lifeguard who has completed a water rescue training and has a valid identity for the current year. Also, the Law says that at every 50 meters of coastline should have one lifeguard during the months of July and August, and one at every 100 meters during the other months. Every beach must have a lifeguard tower on every 100 meters of coastline, with a “Lifeguard” sign in both the Montenegrin and English language. Also, there should be a prominent rescue point at every 50 meters between lifeguard towers in the immediate vicinity of the water. On the beaches, one boat should be placed at every 200 meters of coastline, as well as signaling flags, which come in three different colors, and an information board that defines their meaning in the Montenegrin and English language. A green flag indicates safe swimming, yellow that swimming is limited and that it can be dangerous, while red means that swimming is prohibited or that the lifeguard is not on service.

Also, every lifeguard gets a proper equipment which includes binoculars, special rescue devices, signaling flags, mobile phones and first aid equipment. Alongside these, they also get to wear a uniform which features t-shirt and shorts with the mark of Lifeguard service in Montenegrin and English, as well as a whistle and light sea-diving equipment.

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