Herceg Novi Signed Friendship Treaty with Hejin, China

By , 30 Jun 2018, 13:10 PM News
Herceg Novi Signed Friendship Treaty with Hejin, China Copyrights: Official Website of Herceg Novi Municipality

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June 30, 2018 - The Herceg Novi Municipality President Stevan Katić and the Mayor of the Chinese city of Hejin, Jianxi Zhao, signed a Friendship and Cooperation Treaty at a ceremony in Villa Galeb (Villa Seagull), also known as the Villa of Tito, the Yugoslav revolutionary and political leader.

According to the municipality reports, Mr. Katić expressed his satisfaction with the cooperation between the two cities: “The signing of the Friendship and Cooperation Treaty between Herceg Novi and Hejin is an important step not only for our cities but also for strengthening the relations of the two countries and connecting the two cultures. In this way, we nourish and strengthen the traditionally friendly and good relations between Montenegro and China. At a time when the political, economic and cultural relations of our two countries are strong, it is also important to have a very intensive connection at the local level.”

He also explained that the Herceg Novi municipality is always open for friendship affirmation with different cities, not only from Europe but from all over the world: “The Municipality of Herceg Novi will give a full contribution to the cooperation with Hejin, in every sense. As a local government, we are aware that cross-border cooperation is a powerful impulse of the city's development, and openness and exchange of ideas and experiences are the principles that we hold as the basis of a democratic, modern way of governance. This is confirmed by our friendship with numerous cities in Europe, and now beyond the borders of the Old Continent. Today, by making friends with Hejin, we are building a new path between people and cultures, which we will continue to expand in the future.”

The Chinese delegation visited the Kanli Tower, the Museum and the Jadran Club which is the bearer of numerous cups, as well as the Institute "Dr. Simo Milošević", based on which they saw a strong potential for mutual cooperation between the two cities. Although the geographic distance between Herceg Novi and Hejin is very big, the two cities achieved mutual friendship and cooperation on a great level, as Mr. Jainxi Zhao vividly explained in the following manner: “1400 years ago, a well-known writer lived in China, and he wrote "We are far away, but our hearts can be close". I invite you to come again with your associates to visit Hejin”.


At the end of the ceremony, the Chinese delegation handed the city of Herceg Novi a gift, the messages of the old, traditional Chinese poem, written on the papyrus, in which the verses praise friendship and cooperation with the desire to be long-lived. On behalf of Herceg Novi, the President bestowed the traditional Montenegrin instrument - Gusle and a book by professor Lazar Seferović "22 sagas about the cultural treasure of Herceg Novi" to the town of Hejin.

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