Herceg Novi: 23% Tourists More Than Same Day Last Year

By , 23 Jun 2018, 09:39 AM News

June 23, 2018 - Every year, the number of tourists in Herceg Novi increases. And from today, 14.081 guests are in Herceg Novi. 

On the second day of summer, even though the weather is still not too stable, the number of tourists in Herceg Novi is certainly higher than on the same day last year, according to the statistics from the city Tourism Board.

The total number of registered guests in Herceg Novi is 23% higher than at the same time last year - claims the City Tourism Board.

Among the 14,080 tourists, there are mostly foreigners - 13,598. Most of the guests (8,738) are staying in private apartments, out of which 8,722 are foreign tourists. There are 5,343 guests in hotels, and 4,876 are foreign nationals.

Source: Radio Herceg Novi

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