Natasa Pejic, Philosopher from Belgrade Spends Summers in Tivat

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Natasa Pejic, Philosopher from Belgrade Spends Summers in Tivat Natasa Pejic, photo by Marijana

Natasa Pejic, a Master of Philosophy from Belgrade, has been spending summers in Tivat, where she owns an apartment. She spoke with TMN about her view of this Bokelian town:

 "I have been coming to Tivat for the past three years, mostly during the summer. I enjoy it immensely and try to really relax and recharge for new challenges for the whole of next year, and it means great pleasure to me."

Natasa's first encounter with Tivat happened 30 years ago, of which she says:

"It was nice. I mostly went to Meljine at the time, and it was one of the few excursions outside of Herceg Novi that I accidentally made. I remember a wonderful experience as we, as young people, swam completely spontaneously and by chance to the settlement of Sveti Marko on the island across the town, where Club Mediteranne was at the time, and then the three of us went on foot around that club and it was really exciting for us and we returned swimming as if it was a complete joke. It's my first experience, my first encounter with Tivat. Then, about ten, or 15 years later, I came by boat to the waterfront Pine and I was completely impressed by how royal it looked, these palm trees, extraordinary! Now everything is fine in Tivat, I don't mind anything, which is quite unusual for me. I love the sea the most, sitting in a cafe and watching the bay, the sun shining on these waves, magical."

This is not something easy to compliment, as Natasha travelled around the world and lived in New York for several years, where she earned a master's degree in philosophy on "How to Define Mental Illness".

When it comes to this topic and in this region, Pejic says: “I think that it is not easy at all for us, it is mostly difficult for us to live, and our mental health is much worse than for many years ago, when we lived in a more serious state. Tivat reminds me of some seaside towns in Croatia where I used to spend time as a kid. I have some associations on Jelsa, at sea in the former Yugoslavia.”

Natasa Pejic worked for fifteen years as a journalist:

"I've worked for the Beta News Agency for the longest time, and I'm very proud of that. It is an independent news agency, which I have worked for since its founding in 1994. It was a pioneering venture amid a terrible regime, which imposed itself there, and Beta did a really mining part of the work in the media and contributed to the overthrow of the regime. I don't think Beta has ever been recognized enough for this, the glory went to B92 and some newspapers, and Beta was a fundamental contributor to independent journalism during Milosevic's time.

Natasa Pejic has been in the publishing business for the last few years and has her own small publishing house "Mali vrt":

"I've been in publishing for fifteen years. It is a small publishing company, which I own, and I do not have big ambitions. I publish what I would normally do, do English translations and have three editions so far. One deals with psychology, where I mainly translate the work of Carl Gustav Jung's followers. The second is an edition of poetry, there are classics of world poetry, which I enjoy, which my associate Aleksandar Šurbatović is doing and relatively recently I have an edition that deals with socio-political and economic topics. ”

In Tivat, Natasa is taking a break from Belgrade, where she has a lot of work, and if looking forward to seeing us next summer.








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