Mayors of Kotor and Tivat Signed for Takeover of Wastewater Treatment Plant

By , 31 Aug 2019, 19:35 PM Business
Mayors of Kotor and Tivat Signed for Takeover of Wastewater Treatment Plant Mayors Signing Contracts, copyright Radio Tivat
  1. August 2019 - Mayors of Tivat and Kotor, Sinisa Kusovac and Zeljko Aprcovic signed annex4A and annex3 contracts with the representative of the German company WTE Hubert Schuter, which created the necessary conditions for taking over the wastewater treatment plant. The two documents were also signed by the directors of the water utilities of Tivat and Kotor, Alen Krivokapić and Safet Luković. These documents specify that within 90 days it should be defined and specified that by February 28, 2020, the WTE should leave the wastewater treatment plant to Tivat and Kotor, said mayor Siniša Kusovac.

During this period, complete staff training will be conducted. 

"Under the WTE monitoring, another 42-day test should be carried out and the technical correctness of the water checked. During that period, the technical acceptance of the complete facility should be carried out. This is especially important because of the company Lustica Development and in the forthcoming period it is necessary to consider the modalities of delivery of technical water, its correctness and the possibility of water supply to the golf course", Kusovac explained.

The agreement between the two mayors and municipalities specified that the expropriation of land in Klačina and the costs on that basis were the obligations of the Municipality of Tivat. The municipality of Tivat and Kotor will specify the costs of management, ie what quantities of wastewater are coming from Kotor, and how much from Tivat and on that parity will be made the costs and obligations will be paid.

Kusovac stated that the members of the Board of Directors were also changed, the Statute was amended and, accordingly, competition and selection of staff would be announced in order to start training as soon as possible, so that the management structure should now only take care of that company, Kusovac said.

Wastewater treatment plant for Tivat and Kotor municipalities was put into operation in July 2016.

EUR 10.3 million has been invested in this investment.

Source Radio Tivat 



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