Smoke-Free Montenegro: First National Map to Breathing Smoke-Free Air

By , 25 Mar 2018, 12:26 PM Made in Montenegro

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March 25, 2018 - A very useful map for non-smokers from Facebook group, Smoke-Free Montenegro. A map of Montenegro with a difference. 

Smoking is an Olympic sport in the Balkans, and Montenegro is no exception. Smoking is part of the way fo life here. 

But, just like in real life, not everyone is an Olympic Champion, and not everyone is even an athlete - there ARE some people who do not smoke, people who would like to socialise in places without smoke. Not an unreasonable desire. 

In much of Western Europe these days, smoking in public spaces is severely restricted, and it comes as a shock to many visitors to the Balkans at the prevalence of public smoking. While this may be a joy to smoking tourists, it can have a negative effect on those who prefer to fill their lungs with something healthier, such as clean air. 

Shortly after Yulia wrote her first piece on the Non-Smoking Cafes of Tivat, we were contacted by one of the admins of Crna Gora Bez Dima - Smoke-Free Montenegro, who informed us that they were in the process of finalising the first national map of non-smoking places in Montenegro - an excellent initiative, which TMN is happy to support. 

Here it is below, and I am sure that there are more places to be added to the map. If so, please send them to the Smoke-Free Montenegro team via their Facebook group, and I am sure they would be happy to add. 


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