Steps Festival Today in Herceg Novi, Devoted to Figs and Grapes

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September 6, 2018 - Coming to Herceg Novi this evening? There are so many tasty reasons for you to walk up and down the most prominent city steps, leading from the main square to the city port of Škver or the ancient fortress Kanli kula. Devoted to figs and grapes, NGO Hands is organizing another "Steps Festival".

Herceg Novi, a city famous for its steps, presents another "Fešta na skalinima" (Steps Festival), which is scheduled for 6 PM at the Steps of October 28 and the Steps of Simo Matavulj. The event is organized by NGO Hands.

The program consists of an exhibition of domestic products and handicrafts, which will be open from 6 PM to 11 PM and a music program, starting at 8 PM. A special segment of the offer is the tasting of figs and grape products, which starts at 8 PM at the humanitarian table.

Herceg Novi, situated on a hill that goes down to the sea, is famous for a large number of steps. It was logical for the Association Hands, which brings together the creativity of the locals - community representatives and guests from all over Montenegro - producers of attractive domestic products and various handicrafts, to organize a summer festival located on most prominent steps in the town. The common theme of today's exposition is Mediterranean species that enjoy the special love of soil and sun in Montenegro - figs and grapes.

This mini festival is located on the steps that descend from the main town square towards the city port of Škver, or up to the ancient fort Kanli Kula, and is part of the wider campaign by Association Hands, which regularly arranges street festivals devoted to the fruits of nature and the creative initiatives of the local producers from Boka Bay and other parts of Montenegro.

At the end of the summer, the lavish fruits of figs and grapes in nature and gastronomy are promoted, with a large palette of homemade products and through a handicraft exhibition inspired by these beautiful fruits, with music and dance. Approximately 25 exhibitors have been announced.

The festival will accompany the song that emerged alongside its organization - "Take the fig" by Deni Deranja and the Boka band. The music program will also feature New Slovenes, a duo of Konstantin Fyordov (strings, synth) and Petar Kraljević (voice, guitar) with a repertoire of standard hits and local traditional music. Guests will be jazz singer Iva Kostić, who will announce her program Caustic Fort and Salsa Bayamo Club, which will finally warm up the atmosphere, the organizers said.

The traditional summer gastro show devoted to the research of combination with figs and grapes will be held in the upper steps, leading to Kanli kula. There will be a donation dinner named FOR DRAGAN in the joint action of three NGOs: Egzodusi, ORKA and Huk, with the participation of numerous other organizations, individuals and local restaurants. All contributions will be collected to help the musician Dragan Djordjevic Karlo, a professor at the Herceg Novi Music School, who played at the Humanitarian Event on Stairs 2016, is now personally in need of support from friends in the fight for his health. There is a call for people of good will, who love life, socializing, food and music, to participate.

Apart from food donated by restaurants, professional kitchens, individuals and organizations, there is a curiosity donation from an anonymous citizen of Budva. This is a guitar Squire Fender Bullet Strat that is on auction at the FB Exodus site. The auction will take place on the Stairs, so the sale of the guitar and the donation trunk will be unified. So far, the participation in this part of the festival has been confirmed by more than 20 donors.

The festival is organized with the support of Herceg Novi Tourist Board and Herceg Novi Municipality, Montenegrin Employment Service, Herceg Fest Public Institution and other municipal companies.

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