Homemade Flavors Project in Montenegro

By , 27 May 2018, 01:49 AM Made in Montenegro
Homemade Flavors Project in Montenegro Copyrights for all images and video: Montenegrin Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

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May 26, 2018 - The implementation of the “Goods from Montenegro” program began in April 2018. This project is significant for all Montenegrin producers of homemade goods. By choosing nationally labeled products, the citizens contribute to the increase of the country’s economic growth and the development of the entire Montenegrin society towards the support of local production. 

The representatives of the Government of Montenegro, the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro and Investment and Development Fund of Montenegro signed an agreement of cooperation on the 25th of May, which implies the continuation the project “Goods from Montenegro” (Montenegrin: Kupujmo domaće) with the aim of including the tourism industry in the promotion and better placement of Montenegrin products and services. The project “Homemade flavors” (Montenegrin: Domaći ukusi) is a segment of the project “Goods from Montenegro”, which was initiated by the Government of Montenegro in cooperation with the Chamber of Economy. The activities of this project are directed towards making all homemade products more desirable to all citizens and tourists. At the first phase of the Goods from Montenegro Project, the Government of Montenegro announced that the project is enormous and ambitious, as well as that the program demands constant engagement and the cohesion of “the state, the economy, the science and the field”. 


On the occasion of the second phase of the project called “Homemade flavors”, Montenegrin domestic producers, hoteliers, and restaurateurs gathered earlier this week at the Plantaže restaurant in Vranjina, Podgorica. The meeting was also a chance for the Montenegrin producers who won 129 awards at the Novi Sad Fair, to be congratulated on the achieved results.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Milutin Simović, expressed his satisfaction with the results accomplished from the beginning of the project: “We continue with our joint project – Goods from Montenegro. When we started this partnership project of the Government, the Chamber of Commerce, agricultural producers and retail chains, we said that this would not be a short campaign but that it will be continuous and that we would carefully record and measure the results. I am pleased to announce the President of the Chamber that in the coming days we will have a clear presentation of what the project has done for producers, retail chains and consumers in Montenegro.” 

He has also announced the implementation of the new project phase - Homemade flavors: “We are starting a new phase of the project - called "Homemade flavors". Not by chance “domestic” and not by chance “today”. Today, at the beginning of a new record tourist season, we send a new message that says Montenegro is recognized as a favorite tourist destination, where tourists come from all meridians, recognized as an open, secure, and stable country. Tourists recognize Montenegro for its rich tourist offer which will be recognized by our domestic tastes as well.”

The Deputy Prime Minister took the opportunity to highlight Montenegrin success at the Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad: “This is an opportunity to give recognition to all our producers who exhibited at this year's prestigious Novi Sad Fair, which had over 1,500 exhibitors from more than 50 countries and deservedly won 129 awards - champion cups, quality championship, medals, and charters. These awards are a special message and new encouragement that comes not only to the agricultural sector but also the overall economy. This championship recognition achieved in the agricultural sector has a special value because it is the result of hard labor that is being carried out on agricultural holdings, in processing plants, the result of long-term commitment, the daily acquisition of new knowledge, the result of an ideal connection between the generous gifts of our nature and new knowledge and valuable the work of our managers.”

Mr. Simović has concluded that the past success and future results are from the long-term partnership between the Government of Montenegro, the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro the Investment and Development Fund of Montenegro and the Montenegrin tourism industry. He added that with this and all future encounters, the partners demonstrate efficient cooperation which is strong and stable.


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