Luštica Bay Seeking to Create Gravel Beach

By , 26 Apr 2018, 09:57 AM Lifestyle
Luštica Bay Seeking to Create Gravel Beach Photo: Siniša Luković

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The documentation cites the beach will be created “by occupying/filling in part of the waters with materials from the area,” as well as that the new beach cannot cause negative effects on the environment

The Luštica Development Company, constructing in Tivat a new tourism town worth over a billion euro, has asked for an environmental impact estimate to fill in a beach. In the request sent to the Environmental Protection Agency they cite the beach would be located in Sector 36 of Tivat District.

The project envisions the construction of a gravel-sand beach with a wave wall, underneath the natural cliffs at the eastern end of the Marina community of the Luštica Bay complex. Several years ago a smaller beach was created in the same manner, while the new beach would be 370 meters long and 10 to 25 meters wide.

“During the construction there will be temporary impact on the sea waters in view of fogging and degradation of living communities on the sea bottom in immediate proximity to the shore. Considering the current state of the waters and the duration of the works, the fogging will not have a lasting effect on waters and ecosystems. There will be permanent losses to some coastal and part of sea habitats… However, as that permanent loss is limited to a very narrow coastal belt, the cited impact is considered acceptable.”

They also claim the completion of the project will only slightly alter the appearance of the area, as “the rock mass of the coastline will remain as it is, only gaining a new additional shape visually.”

The public can send objections and suggestions on the project to the Agency until April 27.

Translated from Vijesti Online, for the original click here.

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