Airbnb Montenegro: 5 Unusual Offers

By , 26 Apr 2018, 08:06 AM Lifestyle
Airbnb Montenegro: 5 Unusual Offers Pixabay

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A look at the most unusual accommodation in Montenegro on April 25, 2018. 

Browsing thousands of private accommodations (not including hotel or motels) is precisely the service Airbnb offers. Airbnb has become increasingly popular over the last few years as renters are offering their homes at much lower prices than local hotels. Everyone who creates an account on this platform can use its services, but if you are going to offer your place for a night, you will have to go through some additional safety requirements such as submitting your ID or passport, taking and uploading a photo, having a live call to determine your identity, and so on. 

In today’s article, we will present some of the most unusual Airbnb offers in Montenegro destined to give you a unique experience.

Watermill stone house (Bar)

Staying at the Watermill will transport you back to old Montenegro and give you an authentic experience of how it was back then. The house itself is more than 300 years old, after all. Once occupied by the Ottoman Empire, guests will find many original objects at the Watermill home such as furniture, dishes and (unusable) weapons. The walls of the house are made of stone and are one meter thick which acts as a natural air-conditioner during the summer. The home has space for up to 4 guests, boasts a 1400 m2 garden, and also features an old watermill which is functional but dismounted due to noise it makes while spinning. This home also has a bathroom, and the cost begins at 39 EUR per night, regardless of whether one or four guests need to be accommodated. An additional charge is a cleaning fee which is a one-time payment for  20 EUR.

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Wooden house for rest (Bar)

The wooden house is hidden among olives trees which are more than 300 years old, making this home the perfect place to set your mind at peace. A cozy cabin made entirely of wood, this Airbnb is located outside of the town's hustle and bustle, which makes it beautiful, natural and unique. Bathrooms and a kitchen, however, are not included but can be found nearby, making the wooden house a great way to separate nature and modern human needs. Prices begin at 55 EUR per night, which includes both cleaning fees and up to 2 guests.

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Countryside house (Danilovgrad)

Located in the idyllic countryside, this accommodation option offers incredible views of the fantastic landscape that surrounds you. Although this house looks as though it is made of stone, the inside boasts a modernist look while providing all the necessary technology at your disposal. There is also a large vineyard in front of the house, as well as fruit trees including pomegranates and figs.

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Art Apartment – Mushroom (Kolasin)

This art apartment is suitable for up to 3 guests and features one bedroom and one bathroom. The one minor detail that differentiates this apartment from the others is the fact that it is located in a giant mushroom! This art apartment is made entirely of wood on the inside and boasts an oval shape. The apartment is available throughout the entire year and will cost you 42 EUR per night, with the cleaning fee included in the price.

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River house (Ulcinj)

This river house is located in the town of Ulcinj, on the Bojana river. What makes this option so unique is that it is mainly made of wood and partly floats on the Bojana river. It can host up to 6 guests and features two bedrooms and one bathroom. Even though this cabin looks ordinary from the outside, the inside is fit for luxury. Visitors who decided to stay here have the world at their disposal, including fishing rods, a barbeque grill, modern TV and audio equipment, a terrace on the water and essential technology such as an air-conditioner, washing machine, fridge and more. The cost of the river house begins at 100 EUR per night, without any hidden fees or additional expenses. In other words, if you are planning to stay with 5 of your friends, it will cost you a little over 15 EUR each per night!

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