The Story About a Petrified Lizard in Bar

By , 21 Mar 2018, 14:27 PM Lifestyle
The Story About a Petrified Lizard in Bar foto: Bar info

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Bar residents on social networks were left in wonder after a photograph was published by archaeologist Mladen Zagarčanin, which showed a lizard spread out on the eastern slopes of the Old Town of Bar. The story, however, is much more complex... and weirder than usual.

"It's an incredible thing. A real miracle. During the degradation of the walls of the church of St. Catherine, a tail appeared from the hole between the stones, reports CdM on March 20, 2018.

"After the stones were smashed, a dozen workers found a completely petrified lizard. It's not clear to anyone how and why, but it seemed like a taxidermy animal. They left the petrified creature on the wall, and now it's in my office inside the Old Town. I intend to invite naturalists who could tell me how the body of the reptile was preserved like this, to the smallest detail. Of course, those who know about these lizards know that it can’t be yellow, and can’t be laying on its back, and we have such a photo to make the public interested in this unusual discovery, " said Mladen Zagarčanin, the curator of Old Town of Bar.

This article was translated from an article on Story about a petrified lizard

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